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15 Lyka Dog Food Reviews from Real Dog Owners


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If you’re an Australian pup parent, you’ve likely heard of Lyka dog food. It’s true that Lyka is one of the newest canines in the kennel offering premium recipes on a subscription-based system. With the claim of Australia’s fresh dog food,” you may be wondering if this food is worthy of your best. Learn how Lyka’s offering compares to other delivery-to-your-door dog foods, starting with reviews. And if you’re looking to compare value, nutrition, and quality to a company like Petzyo, we have that, too! So, dig into these detailed Lyka dog food reviews to decide if it’s the best choice for your doggo.

15 Lyka Dog Food Reviews

Lyka currently has a 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and a 4.7 out of 4 stars on Facebook. PetFoodReviews gives Lyka a 9.6 out of 10. Of course, these are phenomenal scores! To help you make the right decision for your dog, our team sorted through Lyka pet food reviews from real pet owners that demonstrate the most common pros and cons to Lyka.

Reviews that Represent Lyka’s Pros:

A male dog owners feeding his white lab Lyka dog food from a blue bowl

What are the most common perks of being a Lyka pup parent? These reviews show the most common compliments from Lyka customers.

Great Customer Service

#1 “My puppy loves this food,
she is eating better and has a healthy tummy now! The different protein choices are great 😊 The friendly staff are available on email with any questions and are super fast with responses 
I will keep buying this food for my puppy!” --Stephanie
#2 “Switched my dog from kibbles with Lyka.
Great customer service, delivery and packaging. Cirrus loves the food and switched over easily. Would highly recommend!” --Nour


#3 “My dogs have been on Lyka since they were both 8 weeks old!
Absolutely loving the convenience of the packaging and that their meals are delivered.” --Hannah
#4 “My miniature pincher Jenkins loves this food
it’s great value and so easy to use and convenient since using Lyka I can maintain Jenkins weight.
I recommend this healthy food for any breed of dog.
Love the way it comes in individual portions and frozen so you just take out what you need and it does not smell like other dog foods I have tried.
The price is very reasonable also.
Just give Lyka pet food a go and I’m sure you will be surprised. --Cheers Monina”

Improved Gut Health

#5 “I honestly don’t know what I would do without Lyka Pet Food.
My doggie Bentley has always suffered greatly with gut issues. No matter what diet we tried we would vomit throughout the day. We spent thousands of dollars in vet bills. His condition was deteriorating he had lost weight, his coat was looking dull and he started looking stressed. It was when I told the vet that Bentley was refusing to eat the dried god knows what was in it food !!! and he told me after he hadn’t eaten for three days “don’t worry he won’t starve” that I looked on line for alternatives and I found Lyka Pet Food . I am pleased to say that Bentley is now thriving 💕💕💕💕 he is one healthy, happy energetic doggie 🐶. He totally loves his food and we love Lyka pet food. Thank you 🙏” --Anna
#6 “My dog had stomach issues
and was vomiting regularly, even on K9 Naturals and Frontier Pets. Now on Lyka for several months she hasn’t vomited once and she has become more active. Superb food.” --Graeme

Reviews that Represent Lyka’s Cons

A sad Golden Retriever lying on a food floor

On average, Lyka’s positive reviews far outweigh their negative reviews. However, if you’re looking for the most common complaints from their customers, here they are:

High Cost

#7 “I didn’t like the look of the food
but gave it to the dogs anyway they refused to eat it.
No problem with the company just disappointed I spent so much on a fortnight worth of food that won’t get eaten.
Over $120 down the drain.” --Erica H.
#8 “Ok, this food might be ok but
I just did the questionnaire to figure out what my dog needs and it’s going to cost me $21.80 per day per dog.. so over $60 a day.. for my dogs! I could go to the local butcher and actually know what I’m feeding my dog for a quarter of the price.. with the extras added in. This is becoming a rort and the descriptions seem misleading like wild-caught etc. Food like this is aimed at small dogs and owners who want to spend money on them and think because this stuff is ridiculously expensive it’s good.” --Sasha
#9 “Great product, highly recommend, just make sure you can afford it
Great product, the highest quality dog food available on the market. My 8 month old Black Russian terrier loves Lyka. I love the timely deliveries every week and the packaging is really straight forward and sustainable. I’ve only rated it out of 4 though because of the cost - genuinely you are paying for quality but for someone like me, young professional, not making insane amounts of money and paying it all by myself - doesn’t come cheap. The thing too is that food is a forever expense, you never stop paying for it and when you’re buying Lyka, it really adds up. My dogs food subscription is more expensive than my grocery and take away bill (my dog is big, growing to 50kg so she does eat a lot, on Lyka it’s $18 per day for 1.2kg of food). Would be nice to get it cheaper once in a while. Though I still make the decision to buy it cause it’s great quality until I really can’t afford it anymore.” --Yu

Imperfect Serving Size Calculations

#10 “Could provide a little bit more...
I have had to supplement my dog's Lyka daily food allocation as he had lost weight while appearing to be perfectly well. I think that for a very active dog the daily Lyka portion might be a bit small.” --Daina

Not Always Picky Pup Approved

#11 “I love this pet food for the…health benefits and ease of use.
I love this pet food for the convenience. And mostly my little Moodle Stevie loves it too. But every now and again she just won't eat it. She's very fussy about having the same food quite a few nights in a row.” --Chris
#12 “American Akita still super picky
I feel it's might be more my breed than the food itself as he will sometimes eat his food and sometimes just looks at it and seems unhappy with it and just won't eat it but be more than happy to east something else. considering the cost of food and how quickly it goes bad after serving sometimes I lose a fair amount of food.” --Esteban

Questionable Ingredients 

#13 “Gristle...
I cannot fault the delivery of the goods or the communication from the company. What I have noticed is that the actual food itself is not always the best quality. Several times I have found gristle and huge chunks of just rubbishy 'I don't know what'. We pay a premium price, so I expect premium dog food. Also, one of the bags was only half full, in my last order. I am reluctant to change my dog's food again, as he has a funny tummy. This is the only reason why I continue to buy the food.” --Annelle and Scooter
#14 “Found Hard Chunks in Sensitive Chicken
My Dog Timmy a Maltese (13 years Old) loves the food, though Narla a Toy Cavoodle (8 Months Old) snobs off the food most of the time, she will eat it about once every 4th meal time and skips a day of eating, though guess she is being picky and will cave in eventually hopefully haha. We have been using Lyka for 2 weeks now I think.
My main concern is that, I have found weird looking chunks which kind of looks like rubbishy left overs from cut up meat and it is super hard and doesn't look fresh or pleasant for my dogs to eat. I have picked these things out of multiple meal bags. For the price paid finding this type of stuff in the meals is surprising.
The Service of Lyka has been good and 'Angelina' provides great answers and amazing support though some occasions I will get support from other Lyka staff where their responses made me feel unwelcome to ask questions.
Overall I like Lyka though the food prep could be better :) Hoping not to find any Hard Rubbery Chunks in the next Box.” --Angelina
#15 “Found plastic in the food!
The dogs love the food but we found a long plastic tape in one of the pouches. Lyka promised to reimburse us with an extra pouch in the next delivery but they never included it.
We also tried to change the plan to a half plan and the price only reduced about $10 per month.
Way too expensive for the type of service and quality.” --Morgan

Comparing Lyka to Petzyo

Two Collies lying in a field

Lyka and Petzyo both offer high-quality dog food to your doorstep. Plus, both companies support eco-friendly initiatives and tailor your dog’s meal portions to their size, age, breed, and activity level. And there’s no denying that Petzyo has more 5-star customer reviews compared to the 1,110 Lyka pet food reviews.  So, which is better for your best friend?

Variety: Flavours and Form

Petzyo offers kibble as well as biologically appropriate raw food.

Petzyo offers three varieties of raw dog food (chicken, kangaroo, and beef) and three varieties of premium kibble (kangaroo, chicken, and fish).

Lyka offers “bowls” which are cooked and soft with a mixed-ingredient composition.

Lyka offers fresh-sealed meals in beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, fish, and kangaroo.


Petzyo’s Kibble That Counts is more affordable than Lyka’s bowls. Lyka’s bowls are comparable in price to Petzyo’s Raw Royalty.

Many Petzyo parents combine Raw Royalty and Kibble that Counts to get the best of both worlds for their dogs: affordability and fresh, nutritious meals.


Petyzo only uses sustainable ingredients from the vegetables that go into their recipes to the protein choices. They also opt for only using Australian-raised produce, meats, and other elements to reduce their products’ carbon pawprint while supporting local businesses and Australian communities. Petzyo also partners with One Tree Planted to plant one tree with every order.

Petzyo doesn’t just offset Co2, they are Co2 positive.

Lyka sources most ingredients from Australia (85% to 95%) and also offsets CO2 [1]. They are also working on installing solar panels to offset the energy used by their kitchen. They also allow many of their employees to work from home and commit to recycling 90% of their cardboard and paper.

A unique attribute of Lyka is that they make use of ‘ugly’ produce to reduce waste. While other pet food companies likely do this, Lyka does a great job of educating customers on this issue.

Lyka also plants trees through Greenfleet, uses eco-friendly cleaning products and upcycles fat from their lean recipes to be used in other products (like soap).

Quality, Nutrition, and Ingredients

Both companies carefully source their ingredients from producers that uphold their quality standards and eco-initiatives. Lyka and Petzyo both used limited ingredients without questionable preservatives or artificial flavours.

Both companies use human-grade ingredients and a range of superfoods and premium ingredients such as flaxseed oil.

Many of Petzyo’s Kibble That Counts recipes have higher levels of protein than Lyka’s meal recipes [2]. However, Petzyo’s Rw Royalty recipes have slightly less protein than most Lyka meals.

Other Differentiators

Petzyo offers single-protein recipes while many of Lyka’s recipes use multiple proteins.

Both companies’ pre-packaged meals can be frozen and refrigerated.

Lyka and Petzyo both offer quick and friendly customer service.

Lyka Dog Food Reviews, Quality, and More

When it comes down to it, your dog deserves the best. When comparing Lyka dog food to similar offerings, it’s important to keep in mind that real reviews offer great insight into value and pup approval. If you’re looking for a more affordable high-quality dog food with flexible delivery, Petzyo may be a better choice–especially for larger dogs and multi-dog families. However, if you want a cooked, soft diet for your furry friend, Lyka may work for you!