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Is High Protein Wet Dog Food Right for Your Dog?


A Jack Russel with a can of food with high-protein and flowers in the background.

Protein is one of the nutrients that your doggo needs. But how much does your dog need? And how much is too much? Most dog pawrents assume that more is always better–but this isn’t the case for every dog. Understanding if a high protein dog food is right for your best furend means you have to take into account your doggo’s unique needs.

We’ll go over everything you need to know to decide how to choose the best protein level for your dog!

Protein in Dog Food: Rule of Paw

If you’re on the pawsuit of learning more about protein in your dog’s food, keep in mind that, in general, kibble contains less protein than canned dog food. Manufacturers need to boost the grain content in kibble so that it works well with the extruder. So if you want to increase the protein content for your dog, you will want to look closely at the canned selections that are available.

Is high-protein dog food good for your dog?

Maybe. Not all dogs need additional protein in their diet. In fact, too much protein can harm their health, damaging their kidneys among other things. 

But there are dogs that do benefit from the added protein. 

What dogs should get high protein food?

A group of different dogs looking at meat

Feed those growing bodies

Puppies need extra protein to fuel their bouncing bodies and help them to grow into healthy adults. The added protein will help with the growth of muscle, hair and skin, and improve brain development [1].

Mamas need a little help, too

Females that are feeding a litter of pups have extra demands on their systems. Their milk is high in protein, so they need additional protein in their diet to help them produce enough rich milk for their pups.

Senior dogs

Is high-protein dog food good for senior dogs? Yes. High-protein dog food is often recommended by vets for senior dogs. As dogs age, they can start to lose muscle mass, so they will benefit from food that is higher in protein. “Older dogs need a minimum of about 50-percent more protein in order to maintain muscle mass” [2].

Born to run

Work dogs and sled dogs burn much more energy than the normal pooch, so they need more protein. Depending on how active they are, they will need food that is 25%-50% to maintain their muscular systems.

What dogs should avoid high-protein food?

High-protein dog food can be bad for a dog with poor kidney function. Also, dogs with blood sugar issues should not be fed high-protein dog food because processing the protein can put a strain on the kidneys.

High-protein dog food can also contribute to dogs being hyperactive. 

Which dog food has the most protein?

Gentle Dog Trainers, an Australian website, evaluated canned dog food, rating them [3]:

      1. Petzyo Raw Royalty
      2. Ziwi Peak Wet Dog Food
      3. K9 Natural Puppy Beef & Hoki
      4. Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Chicken & Barley
      5. Black Hawk Grain-Free Canned Dog Food
      6. Ivory Coat Grain-Free Wet Dog Food

All of these list some type of meat-based protein as their main ingredient. Some are grain-free, but all of them contain a variety of things that will give your dog the nutrition that it needs to live its best life.

Dogs who have impaired kidney function should not be fed high protein diets. Protein is more difficult for the body to digest and puts added strain on the dog’s already weakened kidneys.

Dogs with underlying health conditions that put a strain on the kidneys should also avoid high protein diets. These conditions, such as diabetes, require the dog to have lower amounts of protein in order to retain as much kidney health as possible.

Some people think that the health of older dogs can be damaged by high-protein dog food, but that is not true. They need the extra protein to maintain their bodies as they age.

The importance of a good diet

A dog with a checkered bandana eating his dinner on a picnic table.

Some say that you are what you eat, and the same can apply to your dog. A good diet is important for your dog’s good health. Not all dogs need the added protein provided by high-protein canned dog food, but if you have a puppy, a pregnant or lactating dog, an aging dog or a work/racing dog, high-protein canned food might be just what your dog needs to live their best and longest life.

At Petzyo, our Raw Royalty is a highly rated, high-protein food that your dog will love. It is made in small batches so it is always fresh, and we use healthy, responsibly sourced ingredients that will keep your dog and the planet healthy. If you don’t need high-protein food, try our Kibble that Counts. It is made with the same standards as our Raw Royalty.

Do yourself and your dog a favour, and order some Raw Royalty today!


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