Bo - Black Sheep Toy
$14.95 $7.95
K9 - Bo With Grunting Sound - Latex - Petzyo

Bo - Black Sheep Toy

$14.95 $7.95

Product Description

What dog could resist adding a K9 Bo With Grunting Sound to their toy collection?  This cute, durable toy is made of washable latex and has a grunt with every bite to keep your pooch happy and healthy by relieving their anxiety and improving dental health.


What Makes It the Best Dog Toy?


  • Promotes good canine dental hygiene
  • Keeps your dog entertained as it grunts as your dog chews away
  • Wash it with mild soap and warm water
  • Great for catch, fetch, and hide-and-seek
  • Relieves anxiety and boredom

Is This the Right Toy for Your Dog?


This is the pawfect toy for your dog, especially smaller dogs.  It will help your pup as it teeths while strengthening their jaws.  It will clean teeth and massage gums as well.  It is small and light, yet sturdy.  Made only from non-toxic materials so your pooch will stay happy and healthy.


What Is It Like?


This black sheep will not be the black sheep of your mate’s toy collection.  It is made of latex and polyester fibre that is a perfect fit for your pooch’s mouth.  And don’t forget, it comes with a grunt with every one of your pet’s bites.  When it gets dirty, just wash it with warm water and mild soap and it will be as clean as it was when you brought it home.  


Your Dog Will Love It!


Toss it to your pup, play hide-the-toy or fetch.  You can bet your dog will prefer maintaining their dental health with a K9 - Bo With Grunting Sound instead of a trip to the vet for a round of dental cleaning.  While you are gone, your furry friend can hop up on the couch with the K9 - Bo With Grunting Sound and chew away their anxiety, so you will come home to a happy and healthy pet.

What Dogs is It Best For?


  • Adult Dogs
  • Seniors
  • Small Breeds
  • Medium Breeds
  • Less Active Dogs


This adorable toy needs to find a home in your mate’s toy box.  It will quickly become one of your pup’s favourites, and they will want to take it everywhere that they go.


Put one in your cart so you will get it with your next order so your pup will have a way to burn off the calories from its Raw Royalty and Kibble that Counts.  It is safe and attractive, so if your dog loves to play, they will love having a natural outlet for their energy and boredom. Keep a variety of toys on hand because your dog will appreciate the variety.

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