Get Wag - Kangaroo Tendons - 200g
Get Wag - Kangaroo Tendons - 200g - Petzyo

Get Wag - Kangaroo Tendons - 200g


Product Description

Get Wag: Kangaroo Tendons will get your furry mate hopping as soon as they try one.  

Made from sustainably harvested kangaroo tendons

100% natural

Nothing artificial added. Make these a great, all natural chew snack for doggo

A great low fat snack with plenty of protein along with Omega-3 fatty acid and essential minerals

Improves dental hygiene

Reduces anxiety and burns excess energy

They are a healthy treat for your dog’s body and the chewing is great for their dental health as well.  As they chew, it will clean the tartar and plaque from their teeth and strengthen their gums.   One single, natural ingredient--kangaroo tendons--make these a great, all natural chew snack for your doggo.  And remember, clean teeth means fresh breath, so you will enjoy kisses from your pooch that much more.  


Get Wag: Kangaroo Tendons are a natural and healthy chew treat that your pup will love.  No added flavours or preservatives, just 100% kangaroo goodness.  Have an anxious or hyper doggo?  Toss them one of these, and the chewing will help burn nervous energy and release endorphins to calm them down.  And while that is happening, your dog is getting a good teeth cleaning so they have bright teeth and healthy gums--much more fun than a trip to the vet for dental cleaning.


Get Wag: Kangaroo Tendons are good for your dog, good for you, and good for the environment.  They are delicious rewards for your best mate, they will calm them down and reduce stress, and they will improve their dental health as well.  You will love watching your pooch gnaw away, happily and unknowingly adding Omega-3 and essential minerals to their diet and saving you extra trips to the vet for dental cleanings.  And since they are 100% natural and sustainably sourced from Australian kangaroos, they are good for the planet as well.



Your box with Raw Royalty and Kibble that Counts will be shipping soon, so why not add a bag of Get Wag: Kangaroo Tendons before it ships?  It will arrive at your door and you and your pup can start enjoying all of the health benefits of this healthy, delicious, and earth-friendly chew treat.

100% Beef

Australian Made

Healthy Chewy Treats

Got beef? Bully Bites are living proof that good stuff comes in small packages. They’re grain free, single-ingredient, can’t stop-won’t stop plaque-busting treats for every shape and size.

  • 100% Kangaroo
  • Australian Made
  • Healthy Chewy Treats


Love Me Tender, Love Me Roo. Get ready for a low-fat and iron-rich delight. Roo Tendons are 100% hypoallergenic protein with Omega-3 and essential minerals in serious supply. Kangaroo Tendons will be your doggo’s next Achilles Heel, rich in natural collagen and fibre. It’s a unique roo treat that’s as Aussie as the outback.

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