Rufus & Coco Do Good Dog Poo Bags
$6.50 $4.90
Rufus & Coco Do Good Dog Poo Bags - Petzyo
Rufus & Coco Do Good Dog Poo Bags - Petzyo

Rufus & Coco Do Good Dog Poo Bags

$6.50 $4.90

Product Description

Biodegradable dog poop bags give you the opportunity to be courteous to your neighbours and kind to the planet. Petzyo offers Rufus & Coco Dog Poop Bags that will make your neighbours smile when they see you doing your part after your pup does their business.


There are a number of reasons to choose Rufus & Coco Dog Poop Bags


  • Strong
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Ethically sourced
  • Made from Corn Starch
  • Break down in less than 12 months


Your dog might not care where they make your deposits, and others won’t either when you scoop it up with a Rufus & Coco Poop Bag.


When you let your pup romp around the backyard, they might do their business there, so keep a roll of Rufus & Coco Poop Bags by the back door to keep your backyard tidier and barefoot-friendly.


How Do Dog Poop Bags Work?


Going for a hike or walk? Rufus & Coco Poop Bags come in a convenient roll that easily fits in your pocket, or you could just slip a few bags into your shirt pocket or the back pocket.. You will be ready to go when your furry friend is ready to go, too.


Rufus & Coco Dog Poop Bags are tough and leak-proof. Just slide one over your hand, pick up the poo, then turn the bag inside out and tie a  tight knot to keep it sealed till you can deposit it in the trash or compost bin.


Are Dog Poop Bags Sanitary?


These dog poo bags are 22 x 32 cm. This ensures plenty of room for cleaning up after larger dogs as well as little puppies or small breeds. And your hands will stay clean.


Why Use Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags?


Plastic dog poop bags have become a problem for the environment. Every year millions of plastic dog poop bags wind up in Australian landfills. With biodegradable dog poop bags, you can do better for the Earth and our wildlife.


You can even dispose of your dog’s waste in a dog poop composter and turn waste into nutrients for your flowers!


Petzyo is Proud to Offer You the Opportunity to Add Rufus & Coco Dog Poop Bags to Your Next Shipment


While others might be insensitive to their neighbours, you don’t have to be. And we’re happy to help you be a better neighbour, a responsible dog owner, and an eco-friendly person.


So, next time that you order your food from Petzyo, add this set of 4 rolls of Rufus & Coco Poop Bags which will be sent with your next order. 


Don’t forget that Rufus & Coco make a handy dog poop bags holder. It will clip onto your belt or lead. If you want, just slip it into a handy pocket, and you and your dog will be good to go.

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