Rufus & Coco - Bamboo Bio Wipes
$9.99 $8.90
Rufus & Coco - Bamboo Bio Wipes - Petzyo
Rufus & Coco - Bamboo Bio Wipes - Petzyo

Rufus & Coco - Bamboo Bio Wipes

$9.99 $8.90

Product Description


You might want to use baby wipes on your little friend, but wipes made for humans are much too strong for dogs.  If you need to give your pooch a little clean up after a messy playdate with the neighbour’s dog, you want to use Rufus & Coco Bamboo Bio Wipes.  The mild antibacterial and the pleasant chamomile smell are just pawfect for your puppy.

Did you know: Human wet wipes are up to 200 times too acidic for a pet’s skin?

Unbeatable Dog Wipes for Ears and Eyes

Rufus & Coco Bamboo Bio Wipes are just what your vet ordered for cleaning your pooch’s ears and eyes.  They are very mild so they will not harm sensitive skin around your dog’s ears and eyes.  A gentle wipe is all it will take to pretty your pup up for a trip to the park or a visit to friends.  You will be happy they are clean, and your dog will thank you because they are mild and work so well.


A Great Dog Paw Cleaning Solution

If your dogggo was out running in the mud, you certainly don’t want paw prints all over your floor.  Just peel back the flap, pull a couple out, and gently wipe the dirt away from sensitive paws. 

Seal it back up and leave the package near the door for the next mudfest.


Eco-Wipes Made of Bamboo

Rufus & Coco Bamboo Bio Wipes are made of bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants, so their production will not affect the planet.  They are biodegradable, so they won’t sit around in a landfill for decades.  Just wipe your pup’s paws and toss the used sheet in the trash.

The Best Eco-Wipes for Your Dog

Rufus & Coco Bamboo Bio Wipes are pawsitively perfect for both you and your pooch.  They are mild but effective so they will clean your mate up while not damaging skin, they are biodegradable so that they will leave the world just as it was.  Good for you, good for your dog, good for the world.



How to clean up quickly:

Peel back the resealable label and remove wipe. After use, reseal the sticker to prevent the wipes from drying out.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on broken skin. If irritation or rash occurs, discontinue use. Dispose of household waste. Do not flush.


Rufus & Coco Bamboo Bio Wipes are biodegradable and perfect for clean ups on the go! Containing soothing chamomile extract and a mild antibacterial, these pet wipes remove dirt and odours gently but effectively.

It is time to add a package or two of Rufus & Coco Bamboo Bio Wipes to your next box.  We will prepare your Kibble That Counts and Raw Royalty will send it with your next box. 

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