Rufus & Coco - Posh Pee Pads - Multiple Sizes
$9.95 $8.90
Rufus & Coco - Posh Pee Pads - Multiple Sizes - Petzyo

Rufus & Coco - Posh Pee Pads - Multiple Sizes

$9.95 $8.90

Product Description

Are you house training a puppy, helping a newly adopted forever friend get used to their new home, or do you have an older dog that just can’t last until its next trip outside?  Then you need to start using Rufus & Coco Posh Pee Pads

What are Pee Pads?

Rufus & Coco Posh Pee Pads have a layer that will absorb up to two cups of urine, backed by a waterproof layer that will keep your floor, rug, or carpet clean.  When your four legged friend needs to go, and no one is there to let them out, they can go on the pee pad instead of the floor.  These include charcoal to help absorb the odour and have pheromones to help attract your dog.

How Do Pee Pads Work?

Since you and your doggo can’t always get outside when they need to go, a pee pad is a good alternative.  Put the pad away from where you want your pooch to sleep.  This is especially true if your best friend sleeps in a crate.  Once your furry friend goes, put the pad in a container that will keep the odour in.  The Rufus & Coco Posh Pee Pads will each hold half a liter of urine, so you won’t have to worry about any leaking onto your floor.

How to Use Pee Pads for Puppies?

Never put pee pads close to where your dog eats, drinks or sleeps.  If your pup is in a confined space while you are gone put the pad opposite from those things.  You might want to place it near the door, so your dog can start associating the pee pad with going outside and going to the bathroom.  Some dogs catch on faster than others, so be patient with your best mate and they will eventually get it.

Why Should You Use Pee Pads?  

Rufus & Coco Posh Pee Pads have many advantages:  

  • The grey colour is less noticeable on the floor than the blue that others use
  • They are adhesive so they tend to stay in place
  • Each pad will contain up to .5 litres of urine, and it turns the liquid into a gel that will not leak with you pick it up
  • They contain charcoal to help absorb the odour
  • They have pheromones to attract your dog so your dog goes on the pad and not somewhere else in the house

What Makes Rufus & Coco Pee Pads the Best?

 Leak Proof Base 

 Odour Control 

 Holds Up To 2 Cups of Urine 

Rufus & Coco Bamboo Bio Wipes are biodegradable and perfect for clean-ups on the go! Containing soothing chamomile extract and a mild antibacterial, these pet wipes remove dirt and odours gently but effectively.

You have a brand new puppy or you have an adult dog that has accidents, you need to add a package of 7 or a package of 28 to your next box of Kibble That Counts and Raw Royalty, and we will send it with your next order.  

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