Zippy Paws - Plush Toy Steak
$15.00 $14.90
Zippy Paws Plush Toy Steak - Petzyo

Zippy Paws - Plush Toy Steak

$15.00 $14.90

Product Description

Just wait until your dog sinks their teeth into this big, meaty plush chew toy.  Not only will it delight their teeth, but the pair of squeakers will tickle their ears as well.  This delectable and durable chew toy will quickly become one of your furry pal's favourites.


What Makes It the Best Dog Interactive Toy?


  • Made of safe, durable plush fabric and polyester stuffing
  • Contains two interactive squeakers
  • Tough enough for big dogs, light enough for small dogs 
  • Helps prevent anxiety
  • Promotes good dental hygiene
  • Wash with mild detergent and warm soapy water when dirty


Is This the Right Toy for Your Dog?


Your dog will benefit in a number of ways from the ZippyPaws Plush Toy Steak.  It will help bond you and your pet by providing hours of game time for both of you.  It will slow the growth of plaque on your pet’s teeth and massage their gums while strengthening jaw muscles.  When alone, your pet will find the constant squeaking as it chews to be comforting and reduce separation anxiety.  


What Is It Like?


This T-bone shaped toy, with an added smiley face, is made of tough and durable plush fabric which can handle a good licking or chewing day after day after day.  It has a pair of squeakers for twice the noise and can be washed when dirty.  It is light enough for smaller breeds and tough enough for larger dogs.


Your Dog Will Love It!


What better way to ease anxiety than to sit and chew on a plush, squeaky steak?  And you pup will do that by the hour.  It is good for hide-the-toy and catch, as well as a little tug-of-war.  It will help with your mate's dental health, meaning fewer trips to the doggy dentist.


What Dogs Is This Fun Plush Doy Toy Best For?


  • Adult Dogs
  • Seniors
  • Small Breeds
  • Medium Breeds
  • Large Breeds 
  • Active Dogs
  • Less Active Dogs


What is not to love about the ZippyPaws Plush Toy Steak.  It strengthens the bond between you and your best mate, helps keep their teeth clean and gums healthy, and provides hours of comforting squeaks for those times when you are away from your pal.

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