Zippy Paws - Plush Toy for Dogs - Taco
$14.95 $14.90
Zippy Paws - Plush Toy for Dogs - Taco - Petzyo

Zippy Paws - Plush Toy for Dogs - Taco

$14.95 $14.90

Product Description

The ZippyPaws Plush Toy for Dogs Taco is a delicious dog toy that you will love as much as your four-legged friend will. This soft chew toy is made of doggy safe plush material and polyester stuffing. It is soft enough to gently work on your pup’s dental health and tough enough so that it will last. And don’t forget that as your mate patiently chews away, it will be helping to relieve stress and reduce anxiety as well.


What Makes It the Best Dog Toy?

  • Made of durable materials
  • Soft so that it will not damage your dog’s teeth or gums
  • Interactive, with two quality squeakers
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Washable in mild detergent and warm water


Is This the Right Toy for Your Dog?

It is great for both big and little dogs, old and young. This cute chew toy will become your dog’s favorite as you play catch, fetch and find-the-toy. When you are not around to play with your best mate, they will curl up with this toy and begin to improve their dental hygiene. And if it gets dirty, a little soap and water will clean it right up.

What Is Great About This Soft Chew Dog Toy?

If your dog misses you while away, the ZippyPaws - Plush Toy for Dogs - Taco will give them something to do to keep their mind and teeth busy. And while they chew, they will be cleaning their teeth and massaging their gums, so you will have to make fewer appointments with your vet. And don’t forget the pair of squeakers that will help reduce your pooches anxiety. The toy is washable and long-lasting as well.

Your Dog Will Love It

Your best mate will love the ZippyPaws - Plush Toy for Dogs - Taco whether you are there to play or they have to entertain themselves. Your dog will chew away and clean their teeth and reduce anxiety while you are gone, with a loud squeak with every bite. And when you come home, you both can play an energy-burning game of fetch with it.

What Dogs Is This Plush Dog Toy Best For?


  • Adult Dogs
  • Seniors
  • Small Breeds
  • Medium Breeds
  • Large Breeds 
  • Active Dogs
  • Less Active Dogs

All dogs will simply love the ZippyPaws Plush Toy Taco. From the soft but durable plush fabric to the pair of squeakers, this will be one of your pup’s most entertaining toys.

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