Zippy Paws - Plush Toy for Dogs - Burger
Zippy Paws - Plush Toy for Dogs - Burger - Petzyo
Zippy Paws - Plush Toy for Dogs - Burger - Petzyo

Zippy Paws - Plush Toy for Dogs - Burger


Product Description

You are not the only one in the house that enjoys a juicy hamburger, your dog will find the ZippyPaws Plush Toy for Dogs Burger pawsitively delicious, too.  Soft but durable fabric will help promote good dental hygiene and the pair of squeakers will help reduce your pet’s anxiety.

What Makes It the Best Dog Toy?

  • Made of durable fabric to last a long time
  • Wash it in your machine or hand wash when dirty
  • Promotes good dental health
  • Contains two squeakers
  • Great for catch and fetch
  • Reduces anxiety


Is This the Right Toy for Your Dog?

This light, 10 cm chew toy is great for smaller dogs.  It has two squeakers for twice the noise to entertain your pup.  The soft, plush fabric encourages your pooch to chew which will help keep teeth clean and gums massaged.

What Is It Like?

This medium size chew toy is made of durable fabric.  It is designed to look like a hamburger with bun, mustard, lettuce, and patty.  It comes with two round squeakers which will entertain your furry mate while reducing anxiety, especially good for those pups that miss their human mates.

Your Dog Will Love It!

Toss the ZippyPaws Plush Toy for Dogs Burger next to your canine mate and watch them snap it up and carry it around the house, squeaking as they go.  Play hide-the-toy, catch or fetch with your dog, giving your furry friend plenty of exercise.  And when you are done, they can curl up in a corner and start working their teeth, gums and jaws as the soft toy squeaks with delight.

What Dogs Is This Adorable Plush Dog Toy Best For?


  • Adult Dogs
  • Seniors
  • Small Breeds
  • Medium Breeds
  • Less Active Dogs

This is a great toy to add to your pup’s collection.  You will love this adorable treat as much as your little mate.  So when you come home, toss it, watch your pup scamper after it and bring it back to you for another round.  And remember: play, wash, and repeat as needed.


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