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Savourlife Goat Horn Medium reviews


Savourlife Goat Horn Medium

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Product Description

What is one of the most overlooked areas of your dog’s health?  Dental hygiene.  Face it, neither you or your best mate like bushing those doggy teeth.  So, what is your best option?  Giving your puppo a Savourlife Goat Horn-Medium.  It will:

  • Remove plaque and tartar
  • Strengthen their gums
  • Satisfy their desire to chew
  • Sweeten their breath
  • Reduce nervousness and anxiety
  • Last a long time


  • Made from a single ingredient, natural source.

What Makes Product One of the Best Dental Treats for Dogs?

You only want the best for your dog, so you want to give them only healthy choices for chew toys.  One of those is the long lasting Savourlife Goat Horn-Medium for medium sized dogs.  As they chew it, it will help remove up to 80% of the plaque and tartar on your best mate’s teeth, while safely massaging and strengthening their gums.  It is made of only one ingredientAustralian sourced goat horns, along with the marrow.  So not only is it improving their dental health, but it is also providing nutrients as well by adding essential vitamins and minerals.

How Does Product Help With Dog Dental Care?

Dogs need to have their teeth cleaned daily to keep tartar and plaque from building up.  Once on the teeth, it can damage the gums, giving germs and bacteria entrance to your pup’s bloodstream.  Chewing on a Savourlife Goat Horn will do just thatremove tartar and plaque.  

It will also strengthen your dog’s gums and jaw as well.  You pooch will definitely prefer one of these instead of an extra trip to the vet for a dental cleaning.

Good Treats for Your Dog

Not all treats are created equal.  Many have artificial flavors and preservatives.  Not Savourlife Goat Horns.  They are made from ethically sourced Australian goat hornsand nothing else.  They clean your dog’s teeth, satisfy their need to chew, help calm their nervousness, and provide various vitamins and minerals.  Tasty and healthy.  Your furry mate can’t ask for more.

Why Dog Teeth Cleaning Products Belong In Your Next Box?

Savourlife Goat Horn-Medium added to your next box of Raw Royalty and Kibble that Counts will help keep your four footed friend happy and healthy, giving them a longer life with less pain.  And don’t forget, cleaner puppy teeth means fresher breath and sweeter kisses from your forever friend.


  • Long-Lasting Horn
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Great for Oral Health


100% Australian goat horn with marrow.