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Savourlife Natural Dog Dental Bars - Large (5) reviews


Savourlife Natural Dog Dental Bars - Large (5)

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Product Description


Have you ever gotten a kiss from your best mate and it was...well, not too pleasant smelling?  Well, it is time that you introduced Savourlife Natural Dog Dental Bars-Large to your dog’s daily routine. It is made for dogs over 22.5 kg, and will improve your doggo's dental health, lengthening their life, as well as:


Removing plaque and tartar
Strengthening their gums
Satisfying their desire to chew
Sweetening their breath


What Makes Savourlife Natural Dog Dental Bars One of the Best Dental Treats for Dogs?


Designed for medium to large dogs, the shape of Savourlife Natural Dog Dental Bars-Large and ingredients set it apart from other dog chews.  Its special shape was designed to clean more effectively, yet remain kind to your pooch’s delicate gums.


In addition to improving your dog’s dental hygiene, it is made of healthy ingredients as well--including the addition of 19 vitamins and minerals essential for your dog’s good health.  Nothing artificial, healthy foods like:


Fresh Kangaroo Meat
Rice Flour
Wheat starch


Chewing these will help clean your mate’s teeth and massage their gums, and the mint and parsley will help freshen their breath.


How Does Product Help With Dog Dental Care?


The three ridges per side of Savourlife Natural Dog Dental Bars-Large increases its ability to clean your pooch’s teeth.  And though hard, it will not damage their gums either.  Using these as part of your dog’s daily dental health routine reduces the often unpleasant task of brushing your dog’s teeth, something neither of you enjoys. It also reduces trips to the vet for dental cleaning. 


Why Dog Teeth Cleaning Products Belong In Your Next Box?


Most dogs have plaque and tartar building up on their teeth, and once it has been there for a day or two, it hardens, and this can damage the gums, letting bacteria enter your four footed mate’s bloodstream.  It is much easier to clean your dog’s teeth with products like Savourlife Natural Dog Dental Bars-Large than it is with a toothbrush and toothpaste.


Good Treats for Your Dog


Better dental hygiene, better overall health and better breath.  Not only do Savourlife Natural Dog Dental Bars-Large make your doggo healthier, but they also give them a good outlet for their natural desire to chew, which can calm them and burn excess energy.


Add a bag of Savourlife Natural Dog Dental Bars-Large to your next box of Raw Royalty and Kibble that Counts. Your healthier pooch will thank you with more sweet dog kisses than you can count.


Scientifically Designed
Triple Ridge
19 Vitamins & Minerals 



SavourLife’s Australian Natural Dental Bars are scientifically designed to be the perfect addition to your dog’s dental health routine. SavourLife’s unique, triple ridge design delivers double the cleaning grooves, helps clean teeth and gums, reduces plaque and freshens breath by gently cleaning teeth and massaging gums.

Made in Australia with a focus on natural ingredients, including real Australian Kangaroo, SavourLife’s Natural Dental Bars are gluten-free and contain no artificial flavours or colours. They are enriched with 19 vitamins and minerals, Vitamin C and Zinc. Such a combination can help reduce plaque and tartar formation, support healthy gum tissue and control bad breath. As added benefits, they contain mint and parsley, famous breath fresheners which are low in fat and salt.

With a taste that dogs love, they are designed for daily consumption. This size is perfect for medium to large size dogs over 22.5kg. Our dental bars are a perfect complement to a complete oral care routine to give your dog the best dental hygiene and the freshest breath.

Ingredients: Rice Flour, Wheat starch, Tapioca, Glycerine, Gelatin, Rice, Fresh Kangaroo Meat, Acacia Gum, Vitamins and Minerals, Citric Acid, Natural antioxidants and colour, Potassium Sorbate, Soy Lecithin, Mint and Parsley


Typical Analysis 

Crude Protein   12.0%

Crude Fat         2.0%

Crude Fibre      2.5%