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Puppy & Dog Collars | Cool & Durable Collars | Petzyo

If your dog’s personality really shines, let their collar reflect that! With a colourful, fun, and safe collar, your dog will be dressed to impress and ready for their next walk. Petzyo offers an array of collars that are durable, fun, and pawfect for your pup. With a colourful and comfortable collar, you will feel confident that your dog’s walk will be filled with fun.

Whether you have a Bull Mastiff or a Chihuahua, we feel confident that you will find a collar fit for your dog’s personality and size. Explore the collars in our add-to-box selection and find a matching lead. You won’t believe how happy your pup is when you open your next Petzyo delivery and show your dog their new collar.

What is the Best Dog Collar for Your Petzyo Pup?

Before checking out, be sure the collar you select will fit your pup. Of course, it’s clear to see that our selection of pretty dog collars and fun dog collars will fit your pup’s personality, but ensuring a proper fit around your dog’s neck will help keep your dog safe. 

To measure your dog’s neck, use a tape measure and measure the length about 6 to 9 centimetres below their head. The tape doesn’t need to be pulled completely taught since you will want to fit two fingers around the collar once it is fitted in-person. You will notice that each collar comes in a size range to ensure it can be customized for a snug and comfortable fit.

As for materials and quality, we only offer the best dog collars that are made to last. From the Fuzzyard neoprene collars, designed to provide your pup with extra padding for a more comfortable fit to Rufus & Coco collars made from quick-drying nylon with strong,  premium buckles.

The Importance of a High-Quality Collar

A collar functions as a safe way to walk your dog, a fashionable dog necklace, and the designated place to display your dog’s name tag. A quality dog collar will stay attached to ensure your dog is secure on your walks and stays in place throughout the day. Why invest in a quality collar? The last thing you want is for your dog to back out of their collar or the buckle break. Because your dog’s ID tag is the first way to ensure your dog’s safe return should they get loose, you want to be sure it’s attached to a collar as strong as your love for your dog. 

Happy shopping. We’ve selected the best collars on the market for our clients and their beloved pooches. Once you’ve found a collar that you love, add it to the cart, and it will arrive along with your dog’s favorite food. Be sure to check out a lead to go along with your dog’s collar.