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Savourlife Goat Horn Large - Petzyo

Savourlife Goat Horn Large reviews


Savourlife Goat Horn Large

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Product Description

Few dogs have top-notch dental health because it isn’t fun for you or your furry mate.  Dental hygiene is important because it helps your dog live longer and makes their kisses so much better. That is why we sell Savourlife Australian Goat Horn-Large. It will improve your dog’s dental health by:

  • Removing plaque and tartar
  • Strengthening their gums
  • Satisfying their desire to chew
  • Sweetening their breath

These are the perfect chew toys for medium to large dogs.

What Makes This One of the Best Dental Treats for Dogs?

Savourlife Australian Goat Horns do a lot for your best mate. They help to maintain your dog’s teeth for nicer doggo kisses. It improves their dental hygiene by strengthening both teeth and gums, along with improving jaw muscles. Would you rather have your little mate gnawing on your shoe instead? They are made from, as their name implies, goat horns, and they are 100% naturally safe for your dog, made only from Australian goats.

How Does Product Help With Dog Dental Care?

While your doggo chews on the Savourlife Australian Goat Horn, they are getting the same benefit that they would if you were brushing their teeth, but they will enjoy it so much more.  It cleans the plaque and tartar from their teeth, helps prevent gum disease, and keeps unwanted bacteria from entering and affecting their body.

Good Treats for Your Dog

A Savourlife Australian Goat Horn will not only improve your dog’s dental health, but it will satisfy their natural need to chew, and help to keep them calm and happy while you are away.  What more can your best mate ask for?  Remember, a happy doggo means a happy doggo parent.

Why Dog Teeth Cleaning Products Belong In Your Next Box?

Poor dental hygiene is very common in dogs, so adding a Savourlife Australian Goat Horn to your next box of Raw Royalty and Kibble that Counts will mean that your dog is eating the best food along with keeping their teeth, gums and jaws healthy.  Add one to your box today and we will send it with your next order.

  • Long-Lasting Horn
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Great for Oral Health


100% Australian goat horn with marrow.