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Happy Paws Co <span> Green Lipped Mussels </span> 50 Grams

  • All-Natural
  • Real Australian Meat
  • No Preservatives


Green Lipped Mussels are enriched with natural chondroitin, glucosamine and high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining healthy bones and skin. They are also an effective treatment for chronic pains associated with osteoarthritis in dogs.

Ingredients: 100% Green Lipped Mussels. No additives or preservatives.

Available in 50 and 100g packs.

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Laila and Me <span> Chicken Jerky </span> 100 Grams

  • All-Natural
  • Real Australian Meat
  • No Preservatives


Our delicious chicken jerky will have your dog sitting up and begging for more! This all-natural treat has no added salt, sugar, artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, so it’s perfect for all dogs, even those with sensitive tummies or allergies.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Australian chicken breasts sourced from local Australian butchers (Melbourne).

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K9 <span> Grunting Bo </span> Latex

  • Real Sound
  • Interactive
  • Easy to Squeeze 


If your pup loves toys, Grunting Po is a great option!

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Simple Nibbles <span> Duck Feet </span> (2 Pack)

  • High in Protein 
  • Great for Teeth & Gums
  • 100% Australian Ingredients


Simple Nibbles' 100% Australian Duck Feet treats are made from the highest quality human grade ducks. Chewy, crunchy, yummy treat for cats and dogs of all ages.

Simple Nibbles' exclusive Nutrieseal™ process used for our 100% Australian Duck treats locks in the nutrients for your pet to enjoy, while maintaining an optimal texture and taste. Made from healthy ducks without added growth hormones and antibiotics. 

Simple Nibbles Pet Treats are 100% natural with no additives, preservatives, salt, sugar or fillers. Just as nature intended. You will notice the difference as our treats smell fresh, have a great texture and pets love them. Which is all thanks to the one of a kind Nutrieseal™ process that uses very low temperatures as drying takes place, preserving the flavours, odours and goodness.

This means that ALL our treats are suitable for cats and dogs. We recommend feeding a balanced diet, treats in moderation and always having fresh water readily available for our pets.


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SAVOURLIFE <span> SALMON SKINS </span> 125 Grams

  • 100% Natural
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Promotes Dental Health


SavourLife's Australian Salmon Skins are full of protein, vitamins and minerals. Made from 100% Australian salmon skins, its crunchy texture and the awesome taste is a healthy way of getting all the benefits of Omega-3 for a shiny, healthy coat. 100% all-natural goodness!

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K9 <span> Grunting Peep </span> Latex

  • Real Sound
  • Interactive
  • Easy to squeeze 


If your pup loves toys, Grunting Peep is a great option!.

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