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How to log-in and access your account?

To log in to your account for the first time, you will need to first register here.
Once you have registered (with the same email used to purchase), you will be directed through to our portal. Your order will be automatically linked to your account.

What about your delivery days?

Recently we have decided to internalise the shipment of our deliveries to ensure our orders are delivered fast, safe and efficiently. Orders will be shipped out on the following days, and will be delivered as per your delivery instructions that same day: 

Monday - Whole Melbourne Delivery, Dispatched Australia-Wide
Wednesday - Whole Melbourne Delivery, Dispatched Australia-Wide
Friday - Whole Melbourne Delivery, Dispatched Australia-Wide

If your first order is made on one of the above days, your order will be delivered the following delivery day. 

Mixed and Raw plans, will remain under 5 degree (if not frozen) for a minimum of 24 hours after delivery. Patties are packed at -18 degrees and are delivered with leading packaging technology. 

How can I skip an order?

Simply log in to your account and click 'Manage Subscription'. Once you are in your ordering portal click 'Manage', then click 'Upcoming Subscriptions' and then click 'Skip Shipment' for the order you would like to skip. Click here for a walk through guide. 

How to swap or make a change to your meal plan?

Simply log in to your account and click 'Manage Subscription'. Once you are in your ordering portal click 'Manage', then click 'Swap Product'. You can then choose from any of our plans. The price difference of each of the plans will also be shown here. Click on the plan that you would like to swap to for your next order. 

How do I order for two dogs or more at a time?

Ordering for two or more dogs is simple. Although our website is set up for single dogs, if you'd like us to combine your orders so that you save on shipping and packaging, just send us through an email with your dogs' weight and activity level and we will get back to you with a suggested accumulative plan option. After your first order if can amend your order anytime to meet your dog's consumption requirements. 

Are the meats used in our raw patties human grade?

Our Chick Magnet and Got Beef recipes contain 100% human grade meats and animal parts. Our Roo's Clues recipe's contains wild Kangaroo from the outback, that is not classified as human grade. All meats contained in our raw products are preservative free and 100% natural. All other ingredients contained in the raw patties are human grade. Please note, our patties are designed for dogs only and are not for human consumption.  

Can my puppy eat your kibble?

Dogs under 12 months definitely can enjoy our kibble. The reason we mention 12 months of age is that it our kibble has been designed specifically for adult dogs and not growing dogs. Although the product well exceeds the minimum requirement of fat and protein, the mineral mix may be slightly different when compared to some puppy- specific formulas.

How can we guarantee the lowest prices with Add To Box™?

We use deferred fulfilment, a unique distribution mechanism that allows us to sell our marketplace of products at lower prices. By fulfilling Add To Box™ marketplace items at the time of our customer's next food order, our customers save of shipping, handling and packaging cost meaning we can guarantee access to the lowest prices always with no minimum orders or shipping fees.