Switching To Petzyo 


"We recommend taking it slow when changing your doggo's diet to avoid a ruff time with runny soft serves 💩. Dog tummies can be a little sensitive, especially when they're used to eating one type of food all the time. Here's a little guide to help make the transition to Petzyo a walk in the park!

Petzyo’s ✌️ Week Transition Guide

Sub Petzyo in place of the old food:

  • 25% Day 1-3
  • 50% Day 4-6
  • 75% Day 7-10
  • 100% Day 11-14

Note: the guide above is just that- a guide. Every doggo’s tummy is different, so the best advice we can give when switching foods is to keep an eye on your pup’s poops.

If they look like they can hold their own, keep going or even speed it up!

If they’re looking a bit sloppy, slow down the switch.

Feel free to give us a bork/woof if you have any questions or issues about transitioning to Petzyo. We're more than happy to help- no question is too silly to ask!"