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Petzyo's direct to consumer business model allows us to deliver better quality, premium pet food, direct to your door at a more affordable price. Our purpose is to pass as much as that value on to you, on all of our convenient feeding plans. The below chart illustrates Petzyo's Kibble That Count's price per kilo delivered in various bag sizes. Compared to all competitor's bag sizes, Petzyo delivers better value.


We’re committed to leading the way in environmental excellence. 100% of our product packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable. Everything from the sticky-tape to our wool insulation liners are best practice and made in consideration of environmental sustainability. There just aren't any pet food providers like us!

Packaging Recuperation Program 

Commencing 1st of August 2018, Petzyo is launching its own Packaging Recuperation Program. This monthly service runs on the first day of every month, beginning August 1st.  As part of this service Petzyo collects: Boxes, Wool Cool Liners & Cardboard Inserts from your home, business or destination of choice.

Petzyo's Packaging Recuperation Program is aimed at re-using good condition Petzyo packaging components and further reducing waste that would otherwise go to the landfill and/or require large amounts of energy to recycle. 
This is a optional service - please opt-in if you would like to participate. Currently this service is available to Melbourne Metro only.


Petzyo is committed to providing you with a world class customer experience. All of our packaging and products are designed for effortless use. Our individually wrapped patties are simple to serve, clean to handle and can easily fit into spaces inside your fridge and freezer. We're everything you can ask for in a pet food provider.


Petzyo’s entire product range is 100% natural. Our smart formulas are based on leading canine nutrition and a balanced healthy diet. All meal plans include high levels of protein, fibre-rich vegetables and legumes, essential oils and fatty acids, and a full spectrum of the required vitamins and minerals.