Rufus & Coco - Mini Chew Toy 15.5cm Long - Petzyo
Rufus & Coco - Mini Chew Toy 15.5cm Long - Petzyo
Rufus & Coco - Mini Chew Toy 15.5cm Long - Petzyo
Rufus & Coco - Mini Chew Toy 15.5cm Long - Petzyo

Rufus & Coco - Mini Chew Toy 15.5cm Long reviews

Rufus & Coco

Rufus & Coco - Mini Chew Toy 15.5cm Long


Product Description

Pink or blue, the Rufus & Coco Dog Chew Toy is just the cutest toy for your pup.  This durable, hard rubber toy holds two surprises--a squeaker and a secret pouch for treats.  Toss this to your furry friend and you will both be in store for hours of entertainment

What Makes It the Best Dog Toy?

  • Made of durable rubber
  • Contains a squeaker for interactivity
  • Pouch for treats to encourage your dog to play longer
  • Not too big for small dogs and puppies or too small for larger dogs
  • Entertains your pup to reduce separation anxiety
  • Helps maintain dental health
  • Wash with soap and water when it gets dirty


Is This the Right Toy for Your Dog?

Only if your pup doesn’t like fun, entertaining, brain-stimulating, teeth cleaning toys.  This durable hard rubber toy will squeak with every bite, and if you add a few treats to its secret pocket, the bites will come fast and furious as your pet learns how to get the treats out.

What Is This Interactive Dog Toy Like?

It is about 7 inches long, comes in pink or blue, and is made of safe and durable hard rubber.  It will stimulate your mate’s curiosity as it squeaks and dispenses tiny treats.  It is designed to look like a dachshund, with a hole in the belly so you can fill it with your furry mate’s favourite treats.  Fill it before you leave, and your dog will be entertained until you return.

Your Dog Will Love It!

Whether your dog agrees that it is just the cutest or not they will love sinking their teeth into the soft rubber and hearing it squeak.  Not only will that entertain your puppy, but as they chew and shake it, little treats will fall out for even more fun.

What Dogs is It Best For?


  • Puppies
  • Adult Dogs
  • Seniors
  • Small Breeds
  • Medium Breeds
  • Large Breeds 
  • Active Dogs
  • Less Active Dogs

All dogs will simply love the Rufus & Coco Dog Chew Toy.  It will clean their teeth, strengthen their gums and exercise their jaws, all while stimulating their canine brain and keeping them occupied while you do what you need to get done.

    Length = 155mm 
    Belly diameter = 110mm 
    Head + Feet Hight = 70mm