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Rufus & Coco - Super-Skin-Coat - 400G reviews

Rufus & Coco

Rufus & Coco - Super-Skin-Coat - 400G


Product Description

 Healthy Skin and a Gleaming 

 Suitable for Dogs and Birds 

 Proteins & Essential fatty acids 


Rufus & Coco Super Skin & Coat is a great tasting nutritious powder, formulated to prevent and combat skin disorders and unhealthy coats.

It contains molasses, omega-3 fatty acid and
a blend of proteins, vitamins and minerals that
nourish from the inside out:

  • Gives coats and feathers a richness of colour and sheen in only 14 days
  • Essential fats and oils moisturise the skin from within and zinc and vitamin A improve skin condition
  • Created via the fusion of ‘dried molasses’ with prime protein meals plus cod liver oil (omega 3), calcium, phosphorus and essential vitamins and minerals

Suitable for dogs & birds.