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The Benefits of Low Fat Dry Dog Food


White and brown dog eating their low fat dry dog food from a green bowl

Every proud dog parent wants the best for their four-legged friend, but before you put your forever friend on a low-fat diet, make sure that there is a reason for this type of diet. If they’re a good candidate for a lower fat dog dry food, there are plenty of benefits your best friend can expect.

Low-fat food is not for every dog

Not all dogs need a low-fat diet [1]. A normal, healthy dog is fine with the fat content in most types of dog food. So, if your dog is happy and healthy, don’t change anything. Fat is necessary for energy and a healthy coat and skin, and lowering the fat content can actually cause problems. 

If the diet is too low in fat it can be deficient in fat-soluble vitamins, and you don’t want that. Puppies need more fat because they are growing, and nursing dogs require more fat in their diet to help them produce enough milk for their pups. Fat, also, provides many of the essential fatty acids that dogs need for a healthy mind and body.

But many dogs are overweight and can benefit from lowering the fat in their diets, and some have medical conditions that require a lower consumption of fat. Low-fat dry dog food should be below 10% fat by weight and 17% fat by calories. 

Is your dog’s excess weight a treat problem?

Before you change your dog’s diet, make sure that the problem isn’t that you aren’t giving them too many treats. While we all dearly love our doggos and want to reward them when they behave their best, many treats are high in calories, so make sure that you take their treats into account when you are deciding how much to give them at mealtime.

Choosing between wet & dry dog food

A dog with a brown face and white body sitting with two bowls one filled with wet food one empty that had dry food

Some dogs prefer wet dog food, others don’t. However, there are advantages to giving your dog low-fat dry food. 

Dry food is less expensive. Because it is dry, it is lower in weight and is thus easier to ship. 

Longer shelf life. It, also, has a longer shelf life, which can reduce waste and long-term food costs. 

Convenience. Dry food doesn’t make a mess in your dog’s bowl. When you are travelling with your best friend, it is easier to give them dry food which has less mess than wet food. 

Easier to store. Juggling open cans can be a paint or some dog parents.

And don’t forget the dental health benefits. Dry dog food helps to keep your dog’s teeth cleaner and gums stronger. It will also help to satisfy their natural urge to chew. Dry food is much better for their oral health than other types of food.

Why choose a low-fat, dry dog food?

So, what are the benefits of a dry low-fat food? For dogs that need a lower-calories, lower-fat diet, they can expect to enjoy many of these advantages:

1. Prevent obesity

Many dogs just weigh too much and those extra pounds aren’t good for their health. Like overweight humans, packing too many pounds can be a strain on your dog’s heart and lungs. Lowering their weight will also be better for their joints, keeping them more mobile as they age.

2. Better for those sensitive stomachs

Some dogs have a sensitive tummy, and food that is high in fat can cause tummy issues. Low-fat food can be easier on your dog’s stomach. So giving them food with a lower fat content can help their digestive health.

3. Helps to avoid hyperlipidemia and pancreatitis

There are many causes of hyperlipidemia, and one of them is being overweight [2]. This serious health condition can become a permanent health concern for many dogs. And you can anticipate many visits to your veterinarian.

What to watch for if you’re worried about your dog possibly suffering from hyperlipidemia and pancreatitis:

      • Acting tired and lethargic
      • Exhibiting stomach pain
      • Running a fever
      • Suffering from runny stool

These are all symptoms of hyperlipidemia which can lead to pancreatitis. Providing your dog with a low-fat diet will help to prevent these health problems and can help to reverse them if your dog has already developed them. 

You might want to also consider providing your doggo with more fibre, which will also help with these symptoms. Consider dry food that is also higher in fibre.

Give your best friend the best diet for their needs

A white dog standing in the kitchen with his empty dog bowl in his mouth

Don’t wait for your dog to become obese. Don’t wait for your best friend to develop a pancreas disease. Feeding your dog a low-fat dry dog food enriched with superfoods can give them a bright, fun, healthy life. While there are many good dry dog foods you can choose from, you want to give your dog the best dry, low-fat dog food in Australia. The best diet helps your dog achieve their best life. In case of confusion, seek guide and advice from your vet.

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When you see how happy your dog is with their food and how it keeps them healthy, you will be glad that you are giving them the best Australian low-fat dry dog food on the market, made ethically to keep your dog and our planet healthy.


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