Dog Toys

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Dog Toys

Dogs love good old-fashioned playtime with their favourite humans. Why? It gives them a chance to indulge in some excitement, joy, and physical activity. And nothing makes us happier than providing your dog with the pawfect toys to keep your doggo delighted, active, and wagging! 

Every dog toy we offer has been tirelessly tested by true experts (some with four legs and fur coats). Plus, Petzyo doesn’t settle when it comes to chews-ing the top dog toys in Australia. We know that play is just another way to keep your dog fit, engaged, and even pawtect the planet. So, every pet toy on our website must pass our rigorous quality standards and the company that makes it must also align with Petzyo’s vision for a future filled with fun, wellness, and a healthy planet.

Why choose Petzyo’s Dog & Puppy Toys?

When you play with your dog, you’re providing your doggo with fun, affection, and health. You’re also breaking up the boredom of the day by adding cognitive stimulation and physical engagement. That’s right! Playtime is more than just fun and games. It deepens your bond with your dog, stimulates their mind, and raises your dog’s heart rate for better physical health. So, when you pick out the perfect dog toys for your furry friend, you’re also committing to the well-rounded care of your canine companion.

Affordable, Easy, & Designed for Dogs

Choosing pet toys for your dog from Petzyo’s wide range of affordable dog and puppy toys is easy. We only offer toys that are guaranteed to be safe, durable, and designed with your dog’s best interests in mind. Whether your dog prefers to tug, fetch, or chew, you will find intriguing and interactive dog toys among our carefully curated playtime selection.

Only the Best for Your Best Friend Right to Your Frontdoor

We only select the top-of-the-line dog and puppy toys from brands that we trust. We never settle for second-best for your best friend and we expect the same from the brands we offer. From frisbees to tug toys, add some dog toys to your next order, and they’ll arrive on your doorstep!

Petzyo’s Selection Of Dog & Puppy Toys

We carry toys to satisfy every doggo’s play style. Our selection is sure to please your puppy and light your doggo whether they’re a chewer, fetcher, snuggler, or tugger!

We have the greatest selection of dog toys in Australia, including durable disc toys from Rufus & Coco, adorable, soft pet plushes from Flea Circus, grunting latex polar bears from K9, and natural-fibre raccoons from Troopets!

Chews-ing the perfect toy for your dog:

  • Puppy toys and puppy chew toys: designed for tiny teeth and puppy curiosity

  • Indestructible dog toys and rubber dog toys: they’re too legit to quit, no matter how hard your dog chews

  • Interactive dog toys: so you can engage in play with their woofers

  • Food dog toys and treat dispensers: for dogs to add flavour to the fun!

  • Plush dog toys: for your snuggle bug

  • Rope toys for topnotch tug-o-war with a furry friend or their human

  • Dog stimulation toys to keep your doggo’s brain busy and sharp.
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What are dog toys made of?
There is a wide variety of materials that dog toys are made of. Some popular materials include rubber, vinyl, plush, and canvas. Each material offers a unique texture, and not all materials appeal to every dog.

If you’ve recently adopted your dog, it will take a little time, but you’ll begin to understand their individual preferences.

Puppies benefit from a wide array of toy materials and styles. When choosing your puppy’s toys, keep in mind your puppy is actively learning and puppies learn through their senses–so materials that crinkle, squeak, or crunch will make them perk their puppy ears. Brightly coloured toys and even a dispensing toy will help satisfy your puppy’s curiosity.

Even senior dogs often enjoy plush dog toys from time to time. Who can resist a soft snuggle buddy, after all?
What dog toys are indestructible?
There are a few dog toys that are considered to be "indestructible." However, there are some that should last your dog’s lifetime. These include the Rufus & Coco Natural rubber treat ball, rubber chew toy, and their fly treat me toy! Unfortunately, even these toys can be damaged or destroyed with enough abuse, so it's important to always supervise your dog when they're playing with them.

For dogs that love to chew, consider pairing durable chew toys with long-lasting treats like hooves, and bully sticks!
What dog toys do dogs like the most?
There are a lot of different types of dog toys on the market, but some that doggos enjoy the best are the ones that are interactive dog toys. Why? Most dogs feel extra excitement and exhilaration when their human joins in their playtime. These toys help build a strong dog-human bond while keeping your dog fit, physically and mentally.

As the name implies, interactive dog toys are not static objects–and they encourage dog-pawrent interaction. Some of the top interactive dog toys are those that involve feeding or hiding treats. This can keep the dog entertained and engaged for a long time.

Other interactive dog toys light up, make unique noises when thrown, or entice a dog to tug.

One fun way to think about choosing your dog’s toys is to imagine them through your dog’s eyes. Ask yourself what aspects of the dog toy will appeal to your dog, what will excite them, and what will surprise them?
What toys will keep a dog busy?
There are a number of different dog toys that can keep your doggo busy. We often call these “boredom-busters.” Some of the most popular options include treat toys, dog puzzle toys, and chew toys.

Toys that can be filled with food or treats are difficult for food-motivated dogs to resist. Plus, they provide mental stimulation since your doggo has to figure out how to get the delicious treats out.

Puzzle toys consist of a number of different compartments that the dog has to figure out how to open in order to get to the treats inside. Some puzzle toys require multiple steps for the dog to retrieve the treats.

Durable chew toys are just what they sound like-toys that the dog can chew on to keep them occupied. Chewing relieves your dog’s stress and gives your dog an objective.
Do dogs need a lot of toys?
The answer to this question depends on your dog's individual pawsonality and preferences. One way to think about it is your dog’s need for toys is as unique as they are!

Some dogs may be perfectly content with a single plush dog toy, while others may need a variety of toys to keep them entertained. The important thing is to provide your dog with enough toys to keep them occupied, but not so many that they can't keep track of them all.

If you have a dog that seems to get bored of a toy easily, try rotating some our and back into their toy basket! Cycling your dog’s toys keeps them fresh and fun without the need to keep buying new toys.
What toys are not safe for dogs?
Not all toys are safe for dogs to play with, especially unattended. To keep your dog safe and pawtected, avoid allowing your dog to play with:

Tennis balls. Dogs can choke on tennis balls bits if they manage to pull them apart. Plus, the texture of the tennis balls can have a long-term negative effect on your dog’s tooth enamel.
Rawhide. Dogs can choke on rawhide, and it can also cause intestinal blockages.
Any toy that is small and can be swallowed. Remember to keep in mind that small toys are meant for small dogs–toys that include squeakers, fabric flaps, and “button-like eyes” can also become dangerous once they’re pulled apart.
Chemical-based or synthetic fibre toys. These can be toxic to dogs if ingested. Synthetic materials tend to not breakdown in a dog’s digestive tract, making it more likely to cause a digestive blockage.
What colours can dogs see?
Dogs can see in shades of blue and yellow. They have a higher concentration of cone cells in their eyes which allows them to see better in low light and shades of blue and yellow. This is why dogs are often attracted to balls of light that are either blue or yellow in colour.
High-contrast patterns also highly appeal to pooches.
How to clean dog toys?
Dogs love to play with their toys, but these can often get dirty and smelly. Here are a few tips on how to clean your dog's toys.
To clean plastic or rubber toys, you can use hot water and dish soap. Simply scrub the toy with a brush and rinse with hot water.
If the toy is made of fabric, you can hand wash it in hot water and dish soap, or you can put it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle.
For toys that are difficult to clean, you can disinfect them by putting them in the freezer. The cold will kill any bacteria or germs.
Always keep in mind that your dog is better safe than sorry if you’re unsure of the toy’s cleanliness.
What are good toys for bored dogs?
Some of the ideal toys for dogs that are prone to boredom are ones that can keep them mentally stimulated for a long time. This is even more important if your dog spends long hours alone at home.
Puzzle toys that release treats or puzzle toys that require the dog to figure out how to get to the treats are great options. Rufus & Coco treat toys are also a good option as you can put treats or peanut butter inside to keep the dog entertained.
Interactive dog toys that require the dog to play with another dog or person are also good options, as are sturdy chew toys for dogs that love to chew.