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Dry Dog Food

Our Dry Dog Food offers your dog the best nutrition without any unnecessary preservatives. When your dog dives into a bowl of Petzyo's premium grain-free Dry Dog Food, you can bet they'll love every bite–and you'll love knowing that your dog's food is formulated to support their health from puppyhood to their golden years.

Plus, when you choose Petzyo’s kibble dog food, you’re choosing a company committed to doing good for dogs, their owners, and the future of our planet.

Our Kibble That Counts proves that our Dry Dog Food can be an affordable, sustainable superfood.

Petzyo's Dry Dog Food Offers These Flavours and Ingredients

Our line of low-fat Dry Food for dogs has an option for every breed and size. From kangaroo to salmon, our flavours are as rich as your love for your dog. We believe Dry Food doesn't have to be boring, so we use premium, Australian-sourced proteins in all of our kibble types.

Salmon & Oceanfish: Salmon, ocean fish, and green-lipped mussels are packed with Omega fatty acids for optimum immune support and decreased inflammation. They also help your dog's coat glow, so your dog shines in everyone else's eyes as much as your own. Mussels are also a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin for added joint health, especially if you have a senior dog. This seafood-packed recipe is a tidal wave of Dry Dog Food flavour.

Chicken & Turkey: This formula offers your dog lean protein and a medley of fruits and veggies for a meal filled with vitamins and fibre. Not only will your dog fall head-over-tail for their chicken and turkey dinner, but they will be able to somersault all evening long since chicken also helps keep their muscles, joints, and bones strong.

Kangaroo & Sweet Potato: Our richly flavoured kangaroo recipe will leave your dog jumping with joy. Not only is kangaroo lean red meat packed with iron and zinc for healthy red blood cells. Sweet potatoes are also a natural source of antioxidants, vitamin A, and fibre.

Dry Dog Food FAQs

Will Petzyo adjust my dog’s Kibble That Count serving as they grow?

Yup. As your puppy grows into their paws, we’ll remind you of their growing need for more dog food. How do we know just how much food should wind up in your dog's dish? Our veterinary nutritionist has helped us calibrate our serving size calculator based on your dog’s activity level, size (and breed if known), and age.

Can I mix Petzyo’s raw dog food with Kibble That Counts?

Pawsitively! While our Kibble That Counts is Australia’s highest quality kibble, many dogs enjoy the meaty richness of our Raw Royalty mixed in. To ensure your doggo is receiving the right balance for their nutritional needs, you can simply divide your dog’s suggested serving by the ratio of raw to kibble that you want your dog to have.

For example:

If your dog will eat a 1:3 ratio of raw food to dry, you would want to provide your dog with 25% of their daily serving of raw food and 75% of the suggested serving of Dry Food.

Mixing raw and Dry Food is also a great option if you are planning to transition your doggo from a Dry Food diet to a raw food diet.

How is Kibble That Counts preserved without the use of chemicals?

We use a blend of ingredients that have natural preservation qualities. These include green tea and chicory–which also taste great! Furthermore, because our food never sits on a shelf like the food you’ll find at the supermarket, we’re able to skip the synthetics.

Is Dry Dog Food good for my dog?

The right Dry Dog Food provides dogs with the ingredients they need for sustained health and joy. At Petzyo, our grain-free dog food recipes are filled with the highest quality ingredients to support a healthy mind and body for man's best friend. We create healthy, fresh, and flavourful dog food that is guaranteed to make your dog's tail wag and provide them with a boost of energy to support that wagger!

What is the difference between kibble and Dry Dog Food?

Kibble and Dry Dog Food are one and the same! Both kibble and Dry Dog Food use a grinding and dehydrating process to ensure uniform nutrition with every serving and easier handling and storage. Our Kibble That Counts goes one step further by providing "the perfect" bite. This means that not only will your dog receive superior ingredients, but each piece of our kibble is designed to scrub away plaque and tartar as your dog eats. 

What is good Dried Dog Food?

Petzyo is the premium Dry Dog Food and Dry Puppy Food in Australia. Our veterinary nutritionist backs every one of our Dried Dog Food recipes. Furthermore, we know that good Dry Food should taste great, so we never cut corners. We always use the highest-quality proteins, including human-grade chicken and salmon–and we never skimp on the extras like basil, rosemary, and oregano