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Brand Price Per Kilo
Group ?

Prices are listed in AUD and were last updated on 17/07/2020

Grain-Free Free of Potato & Added Starch
Group ?

Excluding sweet potato, as it's a nutritious and a high quality carb. Sweet potato contains higher levels of antioxidants and vitamins. It's also low GI, meaning less sugar, keeping your doggo's blood sugar levels more stable.

Free of Beet Pulp
Group ?

Sugar beet pulp has traditionally been used in horse feed, but has recently made its way into dog food. It is commonly used as a cheaper filler to bulk up the fibre content of kibble. 

Only Whole Ingredients
Group ?

This means no highly processed ingredients.

Transparent Labelling
Group ?

What you see is what you get, ingredients are listed in descending order of the amount most used.

Australian Made & Owned
PETZYO Chicken and Turkey with Superfood Extras 8kg 12.25
PETZYO Salmon and Oceanfish with Green Lipped Mussels 8kg $10.75
PETZYO Grain Free Kangaroo and Sweet Potato 8kg $11.75
Billy & Margot Chicken Superfood 9kg $12.22
Royal Canin Medium Adult 8kg $10.66
Black Hawk Grain Free Kangaroo 7kg $10.36
Hills Science Diet Canine Adult 7.5kg $13.14
Savour Life Grain Free Kangaroo 10kg $8.88
Scratch Grain Free Turkey, Lamb and Beef 7.5kg $9.88
Scratch Grain Free Kangaroo 7.5kg $11.25
Ivory Coat Grain Free Lamb & Roo 13kg $13.69
Eukanaba Large Breed Puppy 7.5kg $6.40
Meals for Mutts Kangaroo Single Protein 14kg $8.21 ? ? ?
Prime100 SPD™ ZeroG™ Kangaroo, Lentil & Turmeric 12kg $11.25
Last Updated: December 2021
Brand Price Per KG Single Protein Raw Recipe Preservative Free Balanced & Complete Only Whole Ingredients Transparent Labelling Suitable for Puppies
PETZYO Raw Royalty - Chick Magnet 225g Patty $17.96
PETZYO Raw Royalty - Got Beef 225g Patty $17.96
PETZYO Raw Royalty - Roos Clues 225g Patty $17.96
Raw and Fresh - Roo Deluxe Dog 250g pack $22.60
Mad Paws Dinner Bowl ~$16.00 ? ? ?
Lyka - Beef Bowl 200g $21.25
Last Updated: December 2021
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Our smart formulas are based on up-to-date leading canine nutrition for a balanced diet.

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We create top quality food with whole ingredients for satisfied tummies, shiny coats, and great 💩!

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We deliver better quality pet food at a more affordable price for our pawrents.

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We are a true believer of you get out what you put in, this belief starts by selecting only the highest quality ingredients from sustainable sources. Customers and their doggos can rest assured that we dont skimp on anything!

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A high quality diet leads to happy and healthy doggos! Our pawrents see this in their coats, temperament, energy levels and general well being. We have even been known to pipe down the piping! and produce more healthy looking poops!

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We are passionate about paying our dues on this amazing planet we live on, because let's be honest there isn't a planet B. That's why we have committed to planting a tree with every order our customers make.

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Australian communities

Disrupting the industry and paving the way is something we know we can't do alone. That's why we work paw in paw with other businesses and associations that share our vision. We're building a better future for pets and pawrents.

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