We're confident that Petzyo food gives you the best value compared to others in the market. In fact, we're so confident that we put all the comparable info into a table for you!

Most big brands create complicated and confusing ingredient lists, relying on customers to blindly trust their nutritional benefits. But how do you even know what you're feeding your doggo when you can't even pronounce half of the ingredients (what even are tocopherols?)? Also, some ingredients seem fairly harmless, but are used as cheap fillers with no nutritional value (hello beet pulp). That's why we did the research for you, translating and breaking down these ingredient lists to make sure our Petzyo formula is better for your pups and your wallets. We've got the kibble that counts! 


Brand Price Per Kilo
Group ?

Prices are listed in AUD and were last updated on 17/07/2020

Metabolisable Energy (ME)
Group ?


Grain-Free Free of Potato & Added Starch
Group ?

Excluding sweet potato, as it's a nutritious and high quality carb. Sweet potato contains higher levels of antioxidants and vitamins. It's also low GI, meaning less sugar, keeping your pup's blood sugar levels more stable.

Free of Beet Pulp
Group ?

Sugar beet pulp has traditionally been used in horse feed, but has recently made its way into dog food. It is commonly used as a cheaper filler to bulk up the fibre content of kibble. 

Only Whole Ingredients
Group ?

This means no highly processed ingredients.

Transparent Labelling Australian Made & Owned
PETZYO Grain Free Kangaroo 8kg $7.38 3700
Billy & Margot Chicken Superfood 9kg $13.33 ?
Royal Canin Medium Adult 8kg $11.43 3843
Black Hawk Grain Free Kangaroo 7kg $12.86 3700
Hills Science Diet Canine Adult 7.5kg $13.87 3665
Savour Life Grain Free Kangaroo 10kg $9.50 3700
Scratch Grain Free Turkey, Lamb and Beef 7.5kg $9.20 3620
Scratch Grain Free Kangaroo 7.5kg $10.53 3680
Ivory Coat Grain Free Lamb & Roo 13kg $9.00 3343
Eukanaba Large Breed Puppy 7.5kg $8.67 3831
Meals for Mutts Kangaroo Single Protein 14kg $8.64 4000 ? ? ?
Prime100 SPD™ ZeroG™ Kangaroo, Lentil & Turmeric 12kg $14.17 3200