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Dog Treats | All-Natural Dog Treats | Petzyo

Whether your dog or puppy is learning new tricks or you simply like to spoil them for being awesome, you need healthy, high-quality treats. We offer a selection of the best dog treats on the market with wholesome ingredients and lots of flavour. 

Treats serve a wide array of purposes for pups. They can supplement your dog’s diet, provide pawsitive reinforcement during your dog’s training sessions, and keep your pup occupied and busy for added mental stimulation and excitement. We know that treats play a valuable role in your dog’s life, which is why we only offer healthy, safe, and reputable dog treats that will keep your dog’s tail wagging while nourishing them from the inside out.

When selecting your dog’s treats, consider your dog’s size, dietary needs, flavor preferences, age, and activity needs. The Petzyo team and our pups have quality checked all treats for flavor, fun-level, and ingredient quality, so you can rest assured your pup will love their treats as much as they love their Petzyo premium dog food.  We understand what to look for and avoid when it comes to making delicious and healthy dog treats.

Selecting the Best Dog Treat for Your Pup

When browsing treats, keep in mind that dogs benefit most from a selection of treats that serve various purposes. This is why we offer the best dental treats, training treats, busy chew treats, and nutritionally beneficial treats.

Your dog’s mouth will water and their tail will wag when they sink their teeth into one of the wholesome and delicious varieties of treats that pair pawfectly with Petzyo’s premium dry dog food Kibble That Counts or Petzyo’s Raw Royalty.

When treating your dog to one of these delicious delicacies, be sure you follow the feeding guidelines and account for the calories in your dog’s daily caloric intake. Want to learn more about dog treats? Check out our dog treat guide.

Petzyo’s Selection of Add-to-Box Dog Treats

You trust our premium and affordable dog foods to provide your pup with their best health for an active and happy life. We put the same dedication into curating a collection of the best brands and dog treats that reflect our values and standards. This includes only using the best ingredients and providing pups with nutritional support.

We do not offer treats that use questionable ingredients or are manufactured with subpar standards. 

Within our treats category you will find:

  • Dental health treats that rub away plaque and clean along your dog’s gum line. 
  • Busy treats that boost your pup’s mental activity and provide a healthy outlet for their additional energy.
  • Delicious and savory treats made from the best ingredients, so your dog can indulge. These high-value treats allow for carefree fun.
  • Training treats are petite and tasty to provide pawsitive reinforcement and control your dog’s caloric intake.
  • Nutritional support treats that nourish your dog and support brain health, joint health, digestive health, and more.

We offer the Petzyo pets and their parents the same treats we’d provide our beloved furry best friends. Some of the top brands we are proud to offer include Wag, Laila & Me, Savourlife, and Bell & Bone.

Click on the product you’re interested in to learn more about how it will benefit your dog. Then add it to your cart, and we will add it to your box before your dog’s food ships out.