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Oh Crap Dog Poop Bags 80 Bags (4 Rolls x 20) - Petzyo

  • 100% Biodegradable 
  • Made from Cornstarch
  • Suitable for All Dog Sizes  


 Each box has 80 bags in (4 rolls x 20 bags).

 The bags are made from cornstarch and break down in landfill in three months.

This bulk pack will make a fantastic difference. With every cornstarch bag, we slow down plastic pollution. Over 1,250,000 packs are sold and counting!


  • Bags are made from cornstarch and can break down in three months;
  • The bags are designed for all breeds, including the largest dog bums out there;
  • The packaging is printed on with eco-friendly ink, and the boxes quickly break down in the environment;
  • A great way to make an ongoing difference.
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Rufus & Coco Do Good Poo Bags Multiple Quantities - Petzyo

  • 100% Biodegradable 
  • Made from Cornstarch
  • Suitable for All Dog Sizes  


40 or 160 bag quantities 

Store in a cool, dry place.

Bags will break down in landfill within 12 months.

Bag Size 22cm x 32cm.

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    Rufus & Coco Do Good Poo Holder And Bags - Petzyo

    • 100% Biodegradable Bags
    • Attach to lead, key ring or belt loop
    • Available in Gold or Red  


    Stylish hard plastic poo bag holder, with signature logo print, and adjustable handle to attach the holder to your lead, key ring, or belt loop.

    Also comes with 1 x roll of Do Good Poo Bags.

    Reduce your pup's environmental pawprint by saying no to plastic bags and cleaning up waste with Rufus & Coco Do Good Poo Bags! They are;
    * Made from corn starch, so they're naturally biodegradable; * Earth friendly;
    * Thick, durable bags

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      Rufus & Coco Posh Pee Pads Multiple Sizes - Petzyo

       Leak Proof Base 

       Odour Control 

       Holds Up To 2 Cups of Urine 


      Discreet grey colour - Stylish grey coloured pads are better disguised on most floors and will hide urine

      Holds up to 2 cups of urine - Super absorbent core turns liquid into gel

      Leak proof base - 5 layers of protection to protect your floor

      Odour control - With activated charcoal infused layers to trap odour

      Infused with attractants - Contains synthetic pheromones to attract your pet

      Positioning tabs - Sticky tabs hold pads in position on floors 

      7 pack 60 x 60cm

      Top Layer -
      Split resistant with dry touch cover

      Layer 2 -
      Activated charcoal tissue with odour neutralising technology

      Layer 3 -
      Super absorbent core turns liquid into gel - holds up to 2 cups of urine

      Layer 4 -
      Paper tissue for added absorbency

      Bottom Layer -
      Leak proof for floor protection 

      What is activated Charcoal? 

      Activated charcoal is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores and increase its surface area. By doing this it allows the charcoal to trap and absorb odours as they attach to the surface of the pad.

      Did you know? Activated charcoal is commonly used in water filtration to remove toxins and impurities.


      Pheromones attract! Pheromones are organic compounds with an odour that attracts dogs and encourages them to remain in that area until they relieve themselves. Dogs urine naturally contain pheromones. 

      Rufus & Coco Posh Pee Pads contain synthetic pheromones.

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        Rufus & Coco Wee Away 250mL - Petzyo


         Removes Stains & Odour 

         Fresh Scent 


        Odour and stain remover for surfaces without scrubbing.

        2012 Winner of the Australian Business Award for Best New Product.

        Rufus & Coco's Wee Away is a professionally formulated odour and stain remover for urine, faeces and vomit. It contains naturally derived enzymes and a fresh scent to:

        • Break down uric acid salt crystals in urine to prevent re-soiling in the same spot;
        • Neutralise odour and deodorise;
        • Remove urine, faeces and vomit stains (even old stains) without harsh chemicals;
        • Suitable for carpets and other surfaces, including timber floors.
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