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Dog Accessories

It’s the small things that make a big difference, especially when all those small things are the ones that go into being the best dog owner you can be. From products that help potty train your pup to wipes that keep your pup’s paws clean and coat debris-free, we offer the best pet products online for your convenience. 

Dog ownership is filled with celebrations and challenges. For these, we offer safe and affordable accessories that pair pawfectly with your dog’s needs. We know you will find the tools you need to provide your pup with the best life--and you don’t even need to make a trip to the pet store. Our Add-to-Box system allows you to select from the best dog accessories in Australia and have the products added for your next shipment of Petzyo dog food. These products will arrive safely alongside your dog’s food on your doorstep, so you will be ready when the need to clean, clip, or train arises.

From biodegradable dog wipes to dog trimmers and pee pads, we provide Petzyo parents an easy way to shop for their dog from the comfort of their home or on the road. 

Petzyo’s Selection of Dog Accessories

Dogs are not just our business, they’re our passion. We have scoured the market to find pet products that offer value, safety, and eco-friendly principles. Only the best dog accessories make it onto our Add-to-Box selection. In fact, we only offer products we trust to use in our homes with our dogs and families.

There’s no need to look any further for your dog’s poop bags, toilet trainers, or clippers. We have everything you need right here. In this section, you will find premium products from Rufus & Coco and Good Scruff. These brands put dogs above profits, which is why we’re proud to give Petzyo pawrent the opportunity to purchase their goods directly from us.

The Best Dog Accessories for Your Needs

What should every dog owner have? When selecting dog accessories, consider your dog’s age, coat length, and needs. Rufus & Coco’s “Pee Here” puppy toilet trainer and pee pads are no-brainers for pups learning the ins and outs of housebreaking. For dogs with longer coats, a pet clipper will keep fur tame and make your dog’s at-home grooming easy and fast. Rufus & Coco's simple to use dog nail clippers and files are ideal for trimming your dog's nails fast and easily.

We do recommend all pup parents keep a pair of dog nail clippers handy and an enzyme-powered cleaner available for any accidents that may pop up. 

No matter which pet accessories you decide are right for your dog, you can bet that if you get them from us, they’ll be the best. 

To learn more about each product we offer, simply click the picture and read the full description.