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Dog Food Storage - Best Tips for Keeping Things Fresh

best dog food storage containers

Have you thought about the best way to store your pooch's favourite food so that it stays fresh, flavourful and nutritious? Where and how you store your dog food makes a huge difference in its quality and freshness once opened.

Your dog's health is the primary reason why proper storage is a must. Properly storing your pet food keeps it fresh, preserves the nutritional benefits by preventing oxidation, which is what triggers rancidity, and prevents the spread of bacterial contamination.

Best Dog Food Storage Practices and Tips

What else should you do besides keeping your pets' bowls clean? Here are the best tips to help you preserve the freshness and quality of different kinds of dog food.

Kibble / Dry Dog Food

  1. Always keep the dog dry food inside the original bags. Their packaging usually holds handy information for dog owners, such as the expiry date & quantity recommendations, and these containers are typically designed to lock out moisture and oxygen.
  1. Seal the bag after opening to limit the kibble's exposure to oxygen and humidity. You can fold and clip it and store it in an airtight storage container to protect the dog food from pests and oxidation.
  1. If you prefer to store the dog food in a container instead of its bag, opt for glass and metal containers instead of plastic. The kibble fat can stick onto the plastic and impart adverse odours and tastes, making it rancid. If you really must store it in a plastic container, just put the entire food bag in.
  1. Store the dog food indoors in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing it in areas vulnerable to heat, moisture, and humidity. To keep it out of your pets and children's reach, store the dog food in a high place.
  1. Don't mix old and new dry dog food to avoid contaminating the latter from possible germs and bacteria.

Wet / Canned Dog Food

  1. You can store open canned dog food in the refrigerator for up to five days, depending on the ingredients. Unsure that you'll be able to use the dog food in that time frame? What you can do is freeze it in portions and thaw them out the night before in the fridge.
  1. It's generally not advised to thaw out food, whether for humans or pets, at room temperature. If you're wondering how long you can leave an unfinished can of dog food at room temperature, it's only for a few hours.
  1. It's recommended to transfer the food to resealable or airtight containers since cans can alter the taste of the food.

Raw Dog Food

  1. It is not recommended to store raw food for long amounts of time. Upon opening, you must use it within two days.
  1. It is best to keep raw dog food in the freezer inside plastic containers with lids, or freezer-safe containers. Frozen raw food will stay good for about six months if sealed properly. Use it within three days after thawing.

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