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How Do I Keep My Dog Entertained While at Work?

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Wouldn’t the world be a better place if every day was “Bring Your Dog to Work Day?” Unfortunately, most workplaces still frown at the idea of our paw pals accompanying us to the office. Until you can convince your boss that your dog is a valuable coworker, you’re left with the question, “How do I keep my dog entertained while at work?”

While most dogs adapt well to spending time alone while their owners earn their kibble money, it’s still a  good idea to take some precautions to prevent boredom. If you’re the proud owner of a puppy, dog prone to boredom, or dog with separation anxiety, providing your dog with entertainment is a must. Not only is a busy dog a good dog, but keeping your dog busy will give you peace of mind.

The Plight of Working for Dog Owners

Our dogs are our best friends. We miss them while we’re away. But do they miss us? This often comes down to the idea of “object permanence,” or how long a being stays interested in something after it is out of sight. And studies show that, yes, our dogs think about us and even miss us while we’re gone [1]. In fact, a dog’s excitement upon their human’s return increases with the amount of time we’re away [2]. 

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should feel guilty for leaving your doggo at home. The same studies also show that most dogs do not show any sign of distress while their owners are not home.

There are a lot of factors that go into how your dog experiences your absence. For example, many dogs take a great deal of pleasure and comfort in having a four-legged sibling.

Can a Dog Be Left Alone for 8 Hours?

Absolutely. If you work a normal 8-hour workday, you do not have to worry about your dog feeling sad that you’re not home. Nor should you worry that your dog’s struggling to hold their bladder. The average adult dog can easily hold their pee for ten to twelve hours [3]. 

But if you have the ability to hire a dog walker or have a neighbour let your dog out, your dog would appreciate it.

Is It Okay to Leave a Dog Alone All Day?

Under ideal circumstances, a dog should be let out every four-to-six hours. If this isn’t plausible, your dog will do fine if left alone for up to ten hours. Providing your dog with entertainment can help them better pass the time, as well. 

How to Keep a Dog Entertained Indoors 

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Keeping your dog busy while you’re at work is all about variety, interaction, and nutritious dog treats. By investing a bit of time into entertaining your dog while you’re at work can give you peace of mind and help your doggo pass the time faster. Use several of these boredom-busting strategies to keep your dog happy

1. Spoil Your Dog with Toys

The best way to provide your pup with playtime while you’re away is with a variety of dog enrichment toys

Treat-dispensing toys and puzzle toys are designed to keep your dog busy. These are a great choice for dogs that tend to get bored easily and puppies. They provide long-lasting mental stimulation.

For dogs that struggle with separation anxiety, chewy treat-dispensing toys provide them with an outlet for energy and a boost of happy endorphins. Chewing directs your dog’s nervous energy into a toy while comforting and calming them by igniting the adrenal pituitary axis [4].

2. Enroll Your Dog in Doggie Daycare

For high-energy and anxious dogs, doggie daycare is the perfect solution for long workdays. At doggy daycare, your dog will be able to enjoy the comfort of human companionship, playtime with other pooches, and downtime when your dog begins to feel sleepy. 

3. Use Tech To Get Your Dog’s Tail Wagging

Technology may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your dog, but there are many new devices that can help entertain your pup while you’re at work. The Furbo Dog Camera allows you to see and talk to your dog. It even lets you dispense treats. Your dog will love hearing your voice, watching your dog while you’re at work gives you the added bonus of peace of mind. 

4. Hire a Dog Walker

Dog walkers are an invaluable resource for dog owners that work. Not only will a dog walker become one of your dog’s best friends, but they will also provide your pup with potty breaks. A midday walk also gives your dog a great outlet for their nervous energy and lets them enjoy some fresh air. Often dogs rest more soundly after some exercise, so you will arrive home to a well-rested doggo.

5. Turn on the TV or Play Some Tunes

Did you know that there are YouTube channels and 8 hour-long videos specifically for dogs? It’s true. These channels play videos and audio that are specially designed to engage or relax our canine companions. You will find hours of video of squirrels, birds, and even cats. Some videos even include other dogs.

For dogs that struggle with separation anxiety and nervousness, classical music can help. And, surprise! There are also YouTube videos with music formulated for dogs with separation anxiety.

Work with the Peace of Mind That Your Dog is Entertained


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When it comes to keeping your dog boredom-free while you work, invest in some interactive toys to help them pass the time. Turn the TV on, contact a dog walker, and consider purchasing a dog monitor if you want to engage with your dog during work hours. 

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