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How To Tell Your Dog Likes You

 A friendly dog spending time with family

While people talk to each other, dogs use their vocalisations and body language to communicate. Most of the time it is clear what your doggo is trying to say if you are paying attention, but sometimes it isn’t so easy to interpret. Here’s how to tell when your furry pal is trying to tell you that you are their favourite person!

If You Had to Guess…

More than likely, you know or can make an educated guess that your dog is happy and loves you very much. While there are some signs that might confuse you, most of the ways that dogs communicate are pretty obvious.

Happy Dogs

Happy dogs basically look relaxed. Their tails are up and wagging, their body is relaxed, their tongue is out a bit and they are panting a little. Depending on their ear shape, they are up and not tucked back. 

Polite Puppy

Have you noticed your doggo bowing (lowering their head and shoulders and raising their rear end)? Well, that is your dog’s way to let you know that they are ready to play with you. They will do this with other dogs that they are friends with as well. That is a perfect time to clip their lead on and go for a walk or give them a little quality playtime.

A Bouncing Boy…

a happy pup trots towards you

Or girl. If your dog is bouncing when you walk in the door, it means that they are excited to see their favourite pawrent. You have returned home, and their long wait for fun and companionship is over. Bouncing as they play with you or another doggo is a good sign that they are having fun with those they love.

Ready for a Rub

Dogs roll onto their back and expose their tummies for two reasons–love and fear.  Their demeanor should tell you which it is. They will roll over onto their backs for a good tummy rub from someone they love and are submissive to. Sometimes though, they roll over if they are intimidated and scared. If you notice signs of tension or fear, that is probably what the behavior means.

What Parts of Your Dog’s Body Should You Focus on?

When you are trying to see what your doggo thinks of you, look at their overall posture, along with their ears, mouth and tail. These are the most expressive parts of their body.

Loose Mouth

If their mouth is relaxed, and if it looks like they are sporting a doggy grin, it’s a good sign that your dog is very happy being with you. If they are not panting rapidly, but at a moderate pace and a bit of their tongue is hanging out, you can be pretty sure that they are hanging out with the one they love.

Relaxed Tail

A happy, loving dog will have a relaxed tail, which might be straight up or nearly vertical, and they are wagging it. This usually means they are very happy furry babies, but it can also mean that they are nervous and agitated, so use other body signals to determine which it is.

Relaxed Ears

A happy dog will have relaxed ears. They shouldn’t be tilted forward or pulled back–so like their tail, use other bits of body language to interpret their mood.

Dogs Will Say I Love You with a…

Here are some ways that you can tell that your doggo loves you. You can tell that your dog loves you:

  • If you start to pet or scratch them, and they lean toward you.
  • If you are sitting or lying down and your dog cuddles up to you.
  • If they rest their muzzle on your lap, legs or arm.
  • If you notice that your doggo sits and gazes at you adoringly.
  • If they like to follow you from room to room or around the yard outside.
  • If they ask you to play by bouncing up to you and bowing.
  • If they ask you to play by nudging you with their nose.
  • If they lick or groom you because they think you are part of their doggy family.
  • If they make body contact with you.
  • If they give you a long, lingering “I love you” look.

These are the real reasons that dogs have become men's and women’s best friends!

Your Loving Forever Friend

You don’t have to think much about why dogs and humans get along so well. We provide them with a home, food and care, and they give us all of the love and affection that we could ever want. If you give them the love and care that they need, you can bet that you will be rewarded by these furry bundles of love tenfold.