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A Grain Free Diet for Dogs: Is it Better?

Your dog food may have ingredients that upset your pups stomach. Grain free dog food eliminates bad grains that common foods fill with cheap ingredients, instead of using meat, fat, and protein to give them the energy that they need. Doggos are playful and full-of-energy, that’s part of why we love spending time with them. Filling them with unsavory food can cause stomach distress or put a damper on their playful personality.

Don’t let bad dog food dictate how your dog behaves. Get into the nitty-gritty of why certain grains might be right for your dog and others may not.

Beagle begging for high-energy food

Is It Healthier for a Dog to Eat Grain Free?

Dog’s don’t benefit from eating an entirely grain-free diet. While their food needs to be loaded with whole fruits, vegetables, and meats that deliver the nutrition that they need, they also need healthy grains to deliver amino acids to their diet. Instead of using unhealthy ingredients that have grain, such as wheat, rye, corn, oat, millet, and rice, look for dog foods that provide nutrients that would’ve otherwise been neglected.

There are a plethora of articles about grain-free being a “fad-diet” for dog owners to fall into. Industries rely on uninformed parents to purchase their easy diet so that they can market it positively for dog owners. But there is such a thing as affordable dog food, with all natural ingredients, and we’re here to pave the way.

Grain Ingredients to Avoid:

      • Cereal Fines
      • Wheat Middling's
      • Corn Gluten Meal
      • Wheat Gluten
      • Grain Hulls

Which is Healthier: Grain-Free or Grain Dog Food?

Grain-free diets substitute whole food ingredients from wheat-filled ingredients, which is a positive aspect of the diet. Instead of munching on food packed with corn gluten meal and wheat middling's, wouldn’t you rather your doggo have food with fish oil, salmon, and spinach to aid digestive health? To benefit your pooch, look for food that has these ingredients, PLUS healthy grains like flax seed and lentils so that your doggo has a well-rounded diet. Deceiving dog foods often have meat-fillers, like liver and over processed, nondescript meat on the label so that unsuspecting, kind dog parents can feel satisfied if they peek at the ingredients.

Look for ingredients that benefit your pooch, such as:

      • Lean meat and seafood for substance and protein
        • Salmon & Ocean Fish
        • Chicken & Turkey
        • Kangaroo
      • Fruits and vegetables for nutrients
        • Blueberries
        • Broccoli
        • Spinach
        • Potato & Sweet Potato
        • Kelp
        • Carrots
      • Fresh herbs for flavour
        • Basil
        • Rosemary
        • Oregano
        • Parsley
        • Turmeric
      • Tea for antioxidants
        • Green tea
      • Healthy grains for heart health
        • Flax Seed
        • Lentils
        • Chia Seeds
      • Oils for healthy fats
        • Fish oil
        • Hemp seed oil
        • Flaxseed oil
        • Sunflower Oil
Dog licking their bowl clean

Dietary Benefits of Healthy Grains & Whole Foods

Nutrition-packed dog food leads to healthier brain function, increased energy, and better digestive health because each all-natural ingredient works together to provide what they need. Fish oil is often bought as a supplement for dogs because the omega-3 fatty acids support heart health, joint health, and brain function for optimal longevity [3]. That’s why we put it in our dog food, so that you can focus on playtime, while we worry about the small-stuff. 

Meat adds the protein that your pooch needs to enjoy the outdoors [1]. Protein shouldn’t exceed 18 to 25 percent of your dog's diet, that’s why we pack their food with vegetables, fruits, oils, and spices to give them a balanced dose of each ingredient. Humans aren’t the only creatures that need to abide by a food pyramid. 

Dietary Precautions

The FDA has warned that grain-free diets can cause heart conditions for dogs because of an increased taurine deficiency [2]. Amino acids are essential in any doggo’s diet to ensure they have a healthy and strong heart. 

Australian-Made Food

Australian-made ingredients mean meat and vegetables straight from your own continent. Without worrying about how fresh your food is, if it’s arriving from another country, why not purchase Aussie food for your home? 

No need to send profits overseas. Get fresh and reliable food in Australia for your well-loved pup.

Do Dogs Need Grain in Their Diet?

Grains aren’t inherently bad for dogs. Just like with people, dogs shouldn’t overindulge in carb-heavy food. They’re often found in manufactured and homemade dog treats because it helps hold whole-food ingredients together and provide nutrients that support a healthy heart, through amino acids.

Some dogs suffer from grain-induced allergies and digestive issues that can be easily avoided with healthier dog food. If your dog is a picky eater, they may be more willing to gravitate towards all-natural ingredients because it’s aligned more with human-grade ingredients and therefore more palatable. 

Symptoms of Food Allergies:

If you suspect your pup may be suffering from a food-induced allergies, here are signs to keep an eye out for:

      • Hair loss
      • Itchy
      • Dry skin
      • Rashes
      • Swollen ears and or ear infections
      • Excessive shedding
      • Swollen paw pads

Like their human counterpart, a dog's diet greatly influences their bodies and their health. Feeding them nutrients that benefit their organs, skin, and fur will result in a better quality-of-life for your doggo. That doesn’t mean feeding them a package of raw meat everyday and capsules of fish oil. Finding a balance in ingredients is what sets certain dog foods above the rest.

Pup rolling over on its back for a belly rub or beg

Dog Food to Sit, Stay, and Roll Over for

Make the switch to healthy-grain grade dog food. It sits well in their stomach and they appreciate the added-energy they get to play-all-day. Doggos rely on us to provide them with organic and whole-food ingredients. At Petzyo, we pack our dog food with all-natural, no preservative ingredients so that your pup is prancing their way to each meal. Nothing says quality like quality time with your furry companion. 

Kibble That Counts includes taurine and healthy grains so that their heart stays as reliable as your love.

When dog’s receive the nutrition they need, you don’t need to worry about lack of energy, flaky skin, and alarming weight gain issues. Their bodies will be supercharged to perform how they’re supposed to without any additional support. So, pack your dog a healthy lunch of Petzyo’s Kibble That Counts. It’s the bargain that you and your pup have been longing for.