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Do Dogs See Colour

Many misconceptions are floating around dogs. Some think that one dog year equals seven human years, while others believe that a cold nose means a healthy pup. Yet, nothing beats a myth about dog vision.

Many assume that pooches can only see in black and white. However, this is not entirely true. In fact, they do see colour, but their eyesight is different when compared to ours.

Human vision is trichromatic, meaning that our eyes have three colour cone cells, each sensitive to its own colour: red, green and blue. Unlike us, dogs have only two receptors: blue and yellow. Hence, dogs cannot distinguish green, yellow or red objects based on their colour.

Another difference is that dogs are less sensitive to different shades of grey and are half as sensitive to changes in brightness. To better understand how your pup sees the world, here is an image processed via a dog vision tool:

brown dog outdoors surrounded by purple flowers

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Not really, but canine vision could be compared to human red-green colour-blindness. That is why your doggo cannot find that red ball you threw onto your lawn. Too much green!

Although a dog’s world is less colourful than ours, they see vivid shades of blue and yellow. But do not feel bad about your pup. Unlike humans, dogs are less reliant on their colour vision. A dog's eyes are from 10 to 20 times more sensitive to motion at a distance than our eyes, meaning that they are great hunters. Besides, dogs have extra-powerful snouts to navigate through the world around them.

Can Dogs See TV?

We bet your pup watches TV every now and then. But can dogs see what is really happening on the screen? The answer is “yes” and “no”. Although dogs can see blues and yellows, they have a hard time differentiating other colours, especially if the object is still.

Then why do they watch TV? Most of the time, familiar sounds are the primary reason dogs react to TV. So if there is barking or whining, your pooch is likely to get curious.

Do Dogs Have Night Vision?

To some extent -- yes. Dogs have more rods, which help them see things in the dark. Bigger pupils also let in more light. Plus, a dog's eyes have a reflective membrane at the back of their eye called the tapetum lucid. The membrane bounces extra light for additional night vision power.

The reason behind such sensitivity is evolution. Natural-born hunters, dogs used to hunt prey before dawn and after dusk. There is no need for high colour sensitivity when you have a nocturnal lifestyle.

What Are the Best Colours for Dog Toys?

As you can see, canine vision is different from ours. That is why next time/ you choose a toy for your pooch, focus on bright blue and yellow. There are no better colours for your pup's next fetch toy.

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