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Brand Spotlight: Good Scruff- Plant Powered Pet Friendly Cleaning Products

two small dogs with various Petzyo odour and stain bottle sprays

Here at Petzyo, we love to suppawt like-minded local businesses in the pet space. 

Good Scruff is one of the newest brands in our add-to-box range. They are an environmentally responsible company making uncomplicated pet stain & odour cleaning products that actually work. No added nasties or other tricky stuff! 

All the ingredients are carefully selected, non-toxic, and sourced ethically and sustainably from the best Australian suppliers. Good Scruff is a fellow Melbourne-born company committed to making it easy for you to make a difference for our pets, family and planet. 

We had a chat with one of the founders of Good Scruff, Alysa, to find out a little bit more about the brand and what they do.

What is Good Scruff and who is behind the brand?

We’re Good Scruff, an environmentally responsible company that loves pets and our planet. Founded by Alysa and Dan, who believe there is a better way of cleaning. Crafting the good stuff is our thing and we’re super passionate to provide green cleaning solutions to everyday stain and odour problems. Whether you are toilet training a puppy, newly adopted dog, or just dealing with your pet’s bad habits. Our earth friendly, plant-powered formula effortlessly handles even the toughest pet messes, without the need for toxic chemicals. An easy, healthy choice for pets, family and our planet.

Who is the DEO (doggo) behind Good Scruff? 
We have two fur-ployees behind Good Scruff; our Chief Furnancial Officer - George (@georgieboy_thecavoodle) and our Chief Barketing Officer - Humphrey (@humphreybarks).  

Why did you start the business? 
The idea for Good Scruff came about when my business partner Daniel and I welcomed our fur babies into our homes in 2016. During those first few months, our puppies brought us joy, cuddles and a lot of smelly accidents. After trying numerous natural and synthetic pet cleaning products, we struggled finding a product in the market that would effectively clean up our puppies mess, stains and remove those lingering odours, without using toxic chemicals. We identified that there was a real need in the market for Australian made and naturally formulated stain and odour solutions, that actually work! 

What have been the most challenging and most rewarding things about starting Good Scruff? 
The most challenging thing was to launch a business while both of us had an addition to each of our families. The most rewarding thing is to see our customers use and love our products.

We've got to ask the inevitable question- how has COVID-19 affected your business? 

Good Scruff helped a lot of pawrents with their pet messes during the first lockdown when everyone decided it was the perfect time to welcome a pet in their lives. But, we have also noticed that it has been a tough time for some of our retailers and we are hoping things pick up again. 

Anything exciting coming up? 
We are working on a top secret new product range for 2021. Watch this space.  

If Good Scruff were a dog, what breed would it be and why? 
If Good Scruff were a dog, it would likely be a Border Doodle... a little bit scruffy, very playful, but also super smart. Border Doodles are the perfect family dog. They’re friendly and low maintenance, they love companionship, and always look out for their family members- just like Good Scruff! 

a dog with various Petzyo odour and stain bottle sprays

Check out the range and add some items to your next order!