Everything there is to know about puppy training

Chapter 1: Get Started on the Right Paw: The Foundations of Puppy Training

A husky puppy patiently training with their owner.

There are a few things in life that remain constant: puppies are magical, and puppyhood never lasts long enough. As a pup parent, we’re sure you’ve experienced moments of cuteness overload when you could swear that there’s nothing better in the world than your soft, sweet, and silly puppy.

While your puppy won’t stay small furever, you will always cherish the memories of bonding and training your new best buddy. Once you’ve mastered the skills in this training series, you can build your puppy’s skills, obedience, and character on a strong foundation filled with love, fun, and healthy puppy treats.

To help guide you on your journey, we have come up with this puppy training guide that will take your puppy from pee pads to a lifetime of obedience.

Puppies Take Patience: No Pup is Pawfect All the Time

Puppies Take Patience: No Pup is Pawfect All the Time

Thank goodness puppies are so darn cute. It’s this adorable charm that helps you stay sane during the most stressful moments of raising a pup. You’ve probably had fleeting moments when you considered throwing in the towel, maybe while waking in the middle of the night to take your new best friend outside, or cleaning up the mess when you didn’t make it to the door in time. The bad news is that there will always be future messes. The good news is that...

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