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Sustainable Dog Food in Australia: 9 Eco-Friendly Practices

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Choosing your dog’s food based on the quality of the ingredients as well as their dietary needs is a no-brainer. But what if you want to go above and beyond? Then you will want to select a sustainable dog food made here, in Australia. And don’t worry, you don’t have to compromise your dog’s nutrition for an eco-friendly option. In this article, you’ll learn that the best sustainable pet food companies often provide the freshest and best nutrition for your dog, as well.

What to Look for When Comparing Sustainable Dog Food Brands

Finding the most sustainable dog food can be tricky. In the world of greenwashing, many companies use the guise of greenness to convince pet parents to choose their products. So, to ensure you’re supporting a sustainable world by buying eco-friendly dog food, look for these commitments:

#1 Sustainable Dog Food Companies Make Their Food in Australia

The first step to protecting the wild lands in Australia is to look at where your dog food is made. Not all countries control the things that go into dog food, nor do they all handle the ingredients safely. You need to get your dog’s food from a country that inspects and monitors the things that go into the food as well as the way that they are handled. 

In addition, the closer the food is made to the consumer, the smaller the transportation carbon footprint. This also means that the food gets to you soon and fresher so your doggo gets the best tasting and highest quality meals.

#2 Check to See If They Source Ingredients Locally

Local ingredients is better. It is fresher and safer than ingredients that are sourced from other countries. It will have a lower carbon footprint due to being shipped shorter distances, and it is more thoroughly monitored by governmental agencies, so you can be assured of its quality and freshness. Nothing but the best for your furry pal!

#3 Eco-Friendly Dog Foods Use Farmers Who Follow Sustainable Practices

A German Shepherd on a sustainable farm

Not all farmers use sustainable practices. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, sustainable farming includes:

      • Building healthy soil and preventing erosion
      • Managing water wisely
      • Minimizing air and water pollution
      • Storing carbon on farms
      • Increasing resilience to extreme weather
      • Promoting biodiversity [2]

When a company uses responsibly sourced fruits, grains, and veggies, it is better for your dog and much better for the long-term health of the planet.

#4 Check to See If They Use Low-Impact Meats

Meats can really increase the carbon footprint of dog food, but not all meat is “sourced” equally. Look at the type of meat and the way the animals are raised and fed.

Wild-Caught Kangaroo

Kangaroo is a great meat for your dog. Because it is wild, it is low in fat and full of micronutrients. They forage so there is no carbon footprint for their feed. The government regulates the way that kangaroos are harvested. “The national code of practice for the humane shooting of kangaroos and wallabies mandates kangaroos must be shot in the head, and bans shooting from vehicles or selecting a second target before the first is dead.” [3] And there is a limit of 20% of the population that can be used. [3] So it keeps the population at a healthy level. And kangaroos do less damage to the land than sheep or cattle.


Deer have not always roamed Australia. Since they were introduced, they have competed with native species for land and food. “Australian wild venison has up to 20 times fewer carbon emissions than non-regeneratively farmed Australian beef. Believe it or not, wild venison can also have up to 3 times fewer emissions than plant-based alternatives!” [4] Like other wild meats, it is higher in micronutrients and lower in fat–both are good for your doggo!

#5 Choose a Brand That Opts for Ingredients that Reduce Waste

Too often, in the store, people pass up produce because it doesn’t look pretty enough, but an odd shape or scars on the skin don’t make it any less nutritious. A large percentage of produce is tossed, wasting all of the resources that went into its production. Because it doesn’t look as good, it can be used as part of your dog’s diet. You can bet they won’t complain because the shape or colour is a little off. And since it is cheaper, it can lower the cost of your doggo’s diet as well.

Cuts of Meat People Usually Avoid OFFAL

Dogs have been dining on freshly killed meat for millennia, and you can bet their wolf ancestors weren’t too fussy about the cut of meat that they got, just as long as they ended up with a full belly. It makes little difference to your dog where on the animal their protein came from as long as it is nutritious and processed properly.

Recipes that Reflect a Nose-to-Tail Philosophy

The more of the animal that is used, the lower the carbon footprint and the fewer animals that need to be slaughtered. A sustainable company will use as much of the animal as safely possible when they are making dog food. This will also create less waste and less garbage to be disposed of.

#6 Select a Brand That Offsets Carbon

Every company uses energy–lights, heat, AC, office supplies, transporting raw materials and finished goods. These all use energy, so they have a carbon footprint. Even if the company does everything possible to reduce its carbon footprint, it will still be there. So responsible companies will buy carbon offsets to cover the carbon dioxide that they produce.

#7 Participate in a Tree-Planting Program

One of the best ways to offset carbon is by planting a tree. There are a number of programs run by reputable organizations that will plant trees to help individuals and companies to offset their carbon dioxide. Not only does it sink carbon dioxide but it helps protect and build soil and provide shade as well as purify the air.

#8 Use Sustainable Packaging

How much material and what type of materials does a company use to package their goods? Packaging should be reduced as much as possible, and it should also be made of materials that are sustainable and recyclable. Some boxes and wrapping paper are made of recycled material. And the consumer should then recycle as much of the packaging once the goods have arrived.

#9 Work-from-Home Employee Options

The environment isn’t the only thing that responsible companies need to do–they also need to offer their employees the option to work at home. While not all jobs can be done remotely, many can. This allows the employees to arrange their daily schedule to care for their family members when needed (not to mention caring for their favourite furry friend), and another benefit is the commute–if they are not commuting, then they are reducing their personal carbon footprint.

Petzyo: The Best Sustainable Dog Food in Australia

A dog and its owner enjoying a walk in a natural environment

If you are looking for a sustainable dog food brand, Petzyo is proud of the way that they are treating the planet. They do their best to only use sustainably sourced ingredients for their foods. They minimize their packaging and hope that their customers do their part and recycle the packaging. Their meats are sustainably harvested, and their vegetable products are farmed using the best methods. So not only is Petzyo’s food great for your doggo, it is also great for the future of the planet.


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