Get Wag - Fish Jerky - 200g
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Get Wag - Fish Jerky - 200g


Product Description

If you want the best chew treats for your dog, give Get Wag Blue Whiting Dog Treats a try.  Not only will they help maintain your furry friend’s dental health, but they will add omega fatty acids to their diet, reducing any inflammation and help give them a healthy, shiny coat.  These treats:

  • Are made from 100% Australian Blue Whiting
  • Have no added flavors or preservatives
  • Remove plaque and tartar from teeth
  • Strengthen their gums
  • Satisfy their desire to chew
  • Reduce the need for brushing teeth

Your mate will love them and you will love what they do for your forever friend.

What Makes Product One of the Best Dental Treats for Dogs?

Get Wag Blue Whiting Dog Treats are fresh, so they do not need any preservatives added.  They are made from sustainably harvested Blue Whiting, from Australian waters.  They will help clean your dog's teeth, reducing the amount of tartar and plaque, which will improve their dental hygiene.  It is also a great source for omega fatty acids which are a great and healthy addition to your doggo's overall health.

How Does Product Help With Dog Dental Care?

As your dog chews, Get Wag Blue Whiting Dog Treats will gently remove plaque and tartar build up from their teeth and massage their gums to keep them healthier.  Maintaining healthy teeth and gums means that germs and bacteria have one less way to enter your dog’s bloodstream, helping to give them a longer and happier life.

Good Treats for Your Dog

You don’t skimp on food for your best friend, so don’t skimp on chew toys.  Get Wag Blue Whiting Dog Treats improve your pooch’s dental health, while providing sustainably sourced protein and nutrients.  They will also give your best mate a great outlet for their urge to chew, safely cleaning teeth and massaging gums.

Why Dog Teeth Cleaning Products Belong In Your Next Box?

Add Get Wag Blue Whiting Dog Treats to your next box of Raw Royalty and Kibble that Counts.  Your doggo will have a healthy diet while maintaining excellent dental hygiene, meaning fewer trips to the vet to clean those doggy teeth.  And if that is not enough, it will help lengthen your dog’s life, prevent pain, and improve their doggo breath.  What could be sweeter than that?

  • 100% Blue Whiting
  • Australian Made
  • Healthy Chewy Treats


The Fish N’ Chips for champions. Blue Whiting is the ultimate for healthy pup joints and modest taste. No scaly skin from this snack! The Omega Fatty Acids work to soothe inflammation and shine that coat so don’t flounder: dive in on this pure and wholesome treat.

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