Troopets - Candy Toy
$12.95 $10.90
Troopets - Candy Toy - Petzyo

Troopets - Candy Toy

$12.95 $10.90

Product Description

Why should you add a Troopetss Candy Toy to your next order?  Because you furry mate will love you for it.  The Troopetss Candy Toy is a 10 cm by 30 cm soft, interactive toy that your dog will play with by the hour.

What Makes It the Best Dog Toy?

  • Interacts with your dog
  • Helps form bonds
  • Made of safe and durable materials
  • Contains a squeaker that helps entertain your pet when you are gone
  • Easily wash when dirty

Is This the Right Toy for Your Dog?

This cute toy is made of natural materials that will encourage your pup to chew because of the squeaker and its soft texture.  Toss it across the floor so your dog can chase it, then bring it back for another toss.  When you have to go, toss it to your furry friend, and the interactive squeaks as it chews will help alleviate stress and anxiety.  

What Is This Durable Dog Toy Like?

The Troopetss Candy Toy is a smaller toy, perfect for young dogs and smaller breeds.  Its oblong body is made of durable cloth with a cotton rope, knotted at both ends, running through it.  It is perfect for your pup to play with on their own or with you.  Great for fetch or tug-of-war. Exercise your dog’s teeth, gums and jaws while strengthening the bond between you. 

Your Dog Will Love It!

What doggo can resist chomping down on a soft toy that squeaks with every bite?  Add this to your box, and you and your furry friend will have hours and hours of play to look forward to.  When it gets too dirty, just pop it in the washing machine for that brand new look.

What Dogs is It Best For?


  • Adult Dogs
  • Seniors
  • Small Breeds
  • Medium Breeds
  • Less Active Dogs

All dogs simply love the Troopetss Candy Toy.  A soft and durable toy that will squeak with every bite.  

  • Specification:dia10x30cm


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