Fur Landing Page

Hi Pawrent! If you got here you ARE being a good hooman, an AMAZING hooman!! 

What is FUR?

Fur is more than just a daycare and grooming spa, we aim to provide a scientifically proven, fear free enrichment experience for your furry family member.

Home is where the dogs are, and we truly believe that!

FUR has been designed meticulously to create amazing experiences for your FURry family member, we have been in the industry for years and have done months of research to make your dog feel at “home” and reinforce all the good manners and even learn some new ones whilst feeling comfy, safe and protected. 

From a stress free approach, an enrichment daycare to an amazing grooming spa with  hydrobaths and microbubbles!!

Absolutely every single detail at FUR has a purpose! You name it!

Our team will love your pet the same way they love their own.

  • Fun, enriching experiences in a positive purpose built environment.
  • Furologists (our staff) provide the highest quality care tailored to each of our members.
  • Fostering the relationship between our furry and not too furry members.

I mean, wouldn’t you like your furry friend to be  a FUR Foundation Member? 

Incredible benefits and discounts - (limited foundation memberships available)

Find out more, get your invite!