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It’s no coincidence that the best dog food is also the best for your dog’s health. We proudly offer the best dry dog food and raw dog food in Australia. The Petzyo dog food range is designed to provide you with an affordable, high-quality diet for active dogs. Whether you order our dry dog food, Kibble That Counts, or biologically appropriate raw food, Raw Royalty, your dog will receive the best nutrition, flavour, and value. What makes our range the best dog food for your four-legged friend and which is best for your dog? Read on:

What Makes Kibble That Counts the Best Dry Dog Food?

Kibble That Counts provides your pup with what they need to thrive and fully partake in all the activities they love. 

We go above and beyond to ensure that Petzyo dogs receive the best nutrition. We work with a veterinary nutritionist to ensure all of our recipes provide dogs with optimal nutrition. This means your dog gets everything they want and need and nothing they don’t.

Kibble That Counts doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, synthetic chemicals, or artificial flavours. We achieve fresh flavour and a nutrient-dense recipe by using only the best select ingredients. These tasty ingredients include sustainably sourced kangaroo, blueberries, sweet potatoes, and rosemary. Not only do these ingredients provide pups a flavour-rich diet, but these ingredients also come from local, sustainable sources that we hand select.

We’ve created a formula that reflects the best nutrition for dogs and exceeds AAFCO and PFIAA recommendations for dry dog food. Our dry dog food provides dogs with better digestive health, improved brain function, and plenty of healthy energy to keep them engaged in the activities they love.

What Makes Raw Royalty the Best Raw Dog Food in Australia?

Petzyo had the same commitment to dog nutrition when we developed our Raw Royalty recipes. With the guidance of our veterinary nutritionist, we created the freshest, most wholesome biologically appropriate raw food diet that exceeds AAFCO and PFIAA guidelines. 

Raw Royalty reflects a dog’s natural diet while preserving the micronutrients that can be lost through the cooking process.

Our line of raw food includes a chicken recipe, a beef recipe, and a kangaroo recipe (which is perfect for pups with food intolerances). All of which use human-grade meats. But our raw recipe is more than meat. Unlike a non-B.A.R.F. raw diet, Raw Royalty includes fresh fruits, veggies, vitamins, and other ingredients dogs need to thrive.

Raw Royalty works great as your dog’s main diet or added to your dog’s dry food for more flavour and better nutrition. 

We only select the highest quality ingredients and make our batches to order based on subscriptions, so you know the food you receive is the freshest.

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What is the best dry dog food in Australia?

Petzyo’s Kibble That Counts is the best dry dog food in Australia. What makes our kibble better than the rest?

Petzyo only uses Australian-sourced limited ingredients.Our dry dog food exceeds the standards set by the AAFCO and PFIAA and supports the holistic health of your dog.You will never find artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives in our food.We make our dry dog food in small batches every month. This provides a fresher, better product that never lingers on a grocery shelf for weeks or months. We don’t skimp when it comes to flavour, either. We use culinary herbs like rosemary, basil, and oregano that taste great and support immune health. Kibble That Counts is also balanced with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for brain function, skin health, and a shiny coat. Our veterinary nutritionist ensures that every Petzyo recipe provides dogs with everything they need and want.

Can dogs live on just dry food only?

Yes. Dogs can live a long, happy, healthy, active life on Petzyo’s dry dog food. It provides everything a dog needs to survive, thrive, and stay mentally and physically active.

Should you mix wet and dry dog food?

Mixing wet and dry dog food can be a great option for some dogs. Some of the best reasons to mix canned food and kibble is that its an affordable way to:

• Encourage picky dogs to dig in

• Added moisture from wet food provides better hydration

• Approach doggie weight loss, since wet food can feel more filling but often is less calorie-dense

• Provide your dog with the dental benefits of dry food and the hydration of wet food

Is a raw diet good for dogs?

Absolutely. A raw diet contains more micronutrients than a cooked diet. This is because the cooking process breaks down many of the micronutrients found in many ingredients.

Petzyo’s Raw Royalty is tested and reviewed by a veterinary nutritionist, and each of our recipes exceeds the guidelines established by the AAFCO and PFIAA. Furthermore, a raw diet of Petzyo’s fresh-frozen foods provides dogs with:

healthier skin
shinier coat
more energy
healthier teeth and improved breath
healthier gut
reduced stool volume and improved odour.

Learn more about a raw diet for your dog here.

Do vets recommend a raw diet for dogs?

Many vets do recommend a raw dog food diet that is biologically balanced to meet all of a dog’s nutritional needs. Furthermore, many veterinarians believe that high-quality raw dog food is less likely to contain unnatural ingredients such as preservatives, artificial flavours, and synthetic colourings which can be harmful to a dog’s health.

However, some do not. What are the reasons vets do not recommend raw feeding? The primary reason is that homemade raw dog food can lead to a nutritional imbalance for dogs. The secondary reason is that mishandling raw dog food can cause cross-contamination and make a person sick. So, always be sure to wash your dog’s dish after meals, wash your hands properly after handling raw dog food, and disinfect any surface that comes in contact with raw meat.

Read more about what vets have to say about raw feeding here.