Serving Suggestions


a dog sniffing and reaching a packaging of Kibble That Counts 

We tailor your pup's plan based on their weight, age, breed, activity level, and allergies, recommending a precise portion according to how many calories they need. When you create an account, we will send you a pawsonal serving card for your doggo. We recommend splitting your doggo’s daily portions into two meals- half for breakky and the other half for dinner.

You know your dog best! If the servings we provide are too large or too small, simply login to your account and swap to a better suited plan. It takes just a few moments! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your pup's specific feeding requirements.

Determining the correct amount for your dog can require a little bit of fine tuning and constant assessment. If you ever have any concerns, please consult your local trusted veterinarian.