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Product description

Biologically appropriate raw food (BARF). PETZYO raw frozen fresh patties comes in three single protein diets - Chicken, Beef or Kangaroo.

More than meat - BARF

More than just raw meat, our fresh patties are designed for optimum canine nutrition based on the BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) model of raw feeding. Each of our raw flavours' carefully selected ingredients offers a natural and balanced diet consisting of fresh organs and bones, whole-grains, fruit & veggies, oils, herbs, spices and superfoods. All of our ingredients are prepared in a way that maximises nutritional uptake.

Raw? Are you cooked?

It may seem against human nature to feed raw meat, but raw feeding is a diet fed to dogs to try and replicate the diet that their ancestors, the grey wolf, would have eaten in the wild. Dogs' DNA's haven't changed much since their domestication, so their digestive systems are still very much wired to process raw meat. Heating food above 48° destroys (or denatures) all enzymes in pet food and human food alike. Without active enzymes to help digest food, a dog’s stomach acid must increase to much higher levels than what otherwise occurs naturally in the wild. This is believed to lead to some illnesses over time. Cooking food also destroys a significant amount of nutrients such as Vitamin - E, B6, Magnesium, B2, Fiber, Potassium.

Single Protein

Dogs with food allergies are often allergic to particular animal proteins. Petzyo’s patty flavours are single meat protein only. We combined out meat ingredients with other low allergenic canine-friendly ingredients making it easy to identify and manage any allergies your pup may have. Providing your dog with a mix of flavour will also mean that you is more engaged at mealtimes!


Feeding your dog the healthy raw diet that nature intended comes with loads of health benefits! By switching to raw, you are providing them with all of the enzymes, microbes, strong protein chains, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids that your dog's evolved to digest! All of these micronutrients will help keep your dog’s coat shiny, it's skin healthy, provide it with higher energy levels, smaller regular stools, improved gut bacteria, balanced blood sugar and also promotes a better endocrine system.


All of our raw patties are freshly made and contain no preservatives or chemicals. There are health issues relating to the use of sulphur dioxide and sodium and potassium sulphite preservatives which can be found in many raw and wet food products. These preservatives can cause thiamine (Vitamin B1) deficiency in dogs, which can be fatal. All of Petzyo’s products are 100% natural!