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Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle: Which is Right for Your Family?

Labradoodle on left vs Goldendoodle on right

Deciding between adding a Labradoodle or a Goldendoodle to your family can be one of the easiest decisions. Why? Because you can’t go wrong with either. In fact, they share many of the same positive characteristics, which is why they’re so popular as family dogs. When it comes down to it–both varieties will be great additions to your family.

What Do Labradoodles and Goldendoodles Have in Common?

Both are a fairly new blend of dog breeds with shining reputations. And Labradoodles and Goldendoodles were both developed for their coats. As Poodle mixes, these dogs are perfect for people with dog allergies that still want to enjoy dog parenthood. 

Since both produce bright and friendly offspring, they have become quite popular over the past 30 years.

They are not AKC recognized breeds yet, and it is important to remember that characteristics might not be reliably passed to following generations. However, the newness of these breeds gives them “Hybrid Vigor” [1]. So they tend to be healthier than their parents. Just remember that their size, color and coat can vary quite a bit based on their parentage.

So if you are looking for a happy, healthy, energetic, and loving doggo, check out the Doodles.

The Labradoodle as a Family Dog

A labradoodle looking off into the distance

These dogs come from breeding a Labrador Retriever with a Poodle, making pups that produce fewer allergens and a lot of smiles!

Looking for a loving, intelligent, and lively dog for your family? Well, the Labradoodle might be just what you are looking for. They can live up to 15 years and tend to be very healthy. They don’t bark much, and they rarely wander off.

How Big Will a Labradoodle Get?

A Labradoodle puppy’s full-grown size is based on the size of their parents. They will vary in size based on the poodle side of the parentage from 15kg-40kg. So you will probably want to meet the parents when you are puppy shopping.

What Determines the Color of a Labradoodle?

The color and type of coat an individual Labradoodle will have will be a combination of its mom and dad’s coat characteristics. And you can find a wide variety of coat types: long, short, curly, cream, apricot, red, chocolate or black.

Choosing a Labradoodle Breeder

Make sure that you get yours from a reputable breeder to avoid inherited diseases, and have them screened for:

      • Diabetes
      • Epilepsy
      • Eye diseases like retinal atrophy, multifocal retinal dystrophy, cataracts.
      • Hip and elbow dysplasia
      • Hyperthyroidism

Not an Ideal Fit For...

Your Labradoodle will come with more energy than you can imagine. They are very energetic, and might not be ideal for an apartment. But if you take them for regular long walks and keep them mentally stimulated, they can be happy in a smaller abode. They will love a big, fenced backyard where they can run and romp to burn off all their energy. There is no such thing as too much exercise for them.

While they are very loving, they don’t like to be left alone, so your Labradoodle will want to go with you wherever you are headed. 

Just remember to socialize your Labradoodle while they are still a pup, and teach them not to jump up on every person that they meet.

Labradoodles Are Excellent Dogs For...

As puppies, they don’t nip and chew as much as some breeds, and they have a weak prey drive, so other little furry household pets should be safe. They are wonderful with kids along with visitors. But this means that they are a little too friendly to make good guard dogs.

If you are a first time doggy parent, the Labradoodle is a perfect choice. They are quick to make friends, love to please and are easy to train.

So visit the breeder, check out the pups, and pick the one with the personality and coat that you feel suits you best!

The Goldendoodle as a Family Dog

Goldendoodle lying a bed looking off into the disdtance

These variety comes from breeding a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. The Goldendoodle was first bred in 1969, but they didn’t get popular until the 1990s.

They are great with their family and especially kids, and are very loyal. They get along well with other dogs and pets, and are usually very gentle, unless they get excited, then they can be a little rambunctious. These people pleasing dogs are a little too nice to be good watch dogs, but they are generally better with strangers than their cousins the Labradoodles.

Exercise & Attention Needs

You can’t give a Goldendoodle too much attention, and they can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long. So if they will be home alone, give them plenty of attention before and after you go and provide them with all the toys and chew treats that you can.

Inside, they are gentle and affectionate. But outside, watch out! Especially if you are a squirrel or a rabbit, because they have a stronger prey drive than Labradoodles.

Outside, take them for long walks twice a day if you can. They love the water, so it is even better if you can work in a little water aerobics with your walks. 

Training Your Goldendoodle

They are very bright and learn how to behave quickly. They pick up commands and tricks faster than most dogs. Just remember to give them a treat and to praise them when they behave, and they will do their utmost to please you.

Coat Color

Like their cousin, it is hard to predict what their coat will be like or what color they will be–cream, gold, apricot, gray, chocolate or black in color and shaggy, wavy, straight or curled.


They generally grow to a size that is similar to their parents, but you can never be too sure. They generally range between 10 kg to 30 kg, but some can top 40 kg.

Choosing a Reputable Breeder

It is important to check your Goldendoodle’s parentage and use a reputable Goldendoodle breeder. This will help reduce any inherited conditions like:

    • ACL injuries and ruptures
    • Cataracts and glaucoma
    • Eyelid Entropion
    • Hip dysplasia
    • Sebaceous adenitis
    • Subvalvular aortic stenosis

Make sure that you bring home the right pup because they can live up to 15 years, so they will be a loving and energetic part of your family for years to come.

Don’t Forget the Doubledoodle

The what? A Double doodle is a cross between a Labradoodle and a Goldendoodle. They will have many of the characteristics of both sides of the family, and they too will give you many years of happiness and play.

While none of these varieties is guaranteed to have the look that you want, you can count on all of them to be fun, loving, playful additions to your life. They are bright and healthy, they love people and other animals. They learn quickly and with a little work, behave better than a lot of breeds. 

Doodles Are a Family "Do"

Labradoodle puppies

So if you are looking for a great addition to your family life, do a little doodling–check out the Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and Doubledoodles in your area. They will bring a lot of joy to your life, but remember to get yours from a responsible breeder. So start working out so you will be in good shape so that you will be able to keep up with those bouncing bundles of canine energy!


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