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The 12 Most Active Dog Breeds

Two active dog breeds running and jumping

Are you looking for a dog that can keep up with your active lifestyle? Great! There are plenty of puppas ready to give you a run for your money when it comes to staying fit and having fun. Whether you adore hiking, running, or even biking–there’s a dog breed ready to show just how much more fun these activities can be with a four-legged friend! 

If you prefer to keep your heart racing, skip the couch pup-tatoes. Opt for a doggo that you’ll have a hard time tiring out. Here are the 12 most active dog breeds:

Smaller dog breeds that love an active life

When it comes to energy and adventure, there’s no minimum size. If you are looking for a smaller dog that can keep up with the best, here are a few that you can look at as you are deciding what doggo to add to your home:

1. Beagle

A Beagle carrying a ball

Who could say “No” to those big brown eyes, the hallmark of Beagles? While not the most affectionate dog in the pack, they are great with small children and other dogs. This makes them ideal for family hikes. 

Beagles are active and adaptable, and they love to play. You can easily teach them tricks, as well as leash etiquette and basic commands. They need to get them out to burn their excess energy and beware, they do bark…a lot. 

2. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A corgi running beside a pool

This dog is short in stature but not in energy. They are family oriented and will let you know when strangers are about. They are good with changes in schedule, so you don’t have to worry about the same routine every day. They love to play and are easy to train. Make sure that you have plenty for them to do because they are very active.

3. Jack Russell Terrier

A Jack Russel Terrier waiting to play

You will never have a dull moment with a Jack Russel Terrier in your home. They are small but full of love for you and your family, and they do well with other dogs. They might like to play with strangers, but they are fiercely protective if they feel you are being threatened.

Plan on playing with them as they grow and age because this breed doesn’t seem to outgrow puppyhood. They tend to bark and might need a little extra work to train, but they will always be ready to go for a run or play a game of fetch or tug of war.

Medium-sized dogs with unlimited energy

Looking for a BFF that’s a little bigger but not so big that you have to buy a saddle? Then a medium-sized breed may be your next best friend! Here are a few breeds that you might like:

4. Siberian Husky

A Husky Dog nearby the woods

Huskies are phenomenal medium-sized dogs that are extremely intelligent. They are great family dogs and good with younger kids, too. If you have another dog already, more than likely they will get along well together. 

They love to play, and they like to meet new people, but they might be a little too friendly because they don’t make good watchdogs. They bark more than many breeds and are fine when their schedule varies. They might need a little extra time when it comes to training, but they will never lack energy, always up for a bit of fun with their doggy parent

5. Border Collie

A Border Collie playing fetch in a field

Border collies are one of the smartest dog breeds. They are great with their forever family, but might not be suitable if you have kids or other dogs. They are very playful and love attention. They are good with new people, but that also means that they might not be as protective as some breeds. They are bright and easy to train and learn new tricks better than most breeds. They do bark, but not enough to annoy the neighbours. Add one of the wonderful dogs home, and you will never have a dull moment.

6. English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel wet from an adventure

The English Springer Spaniel is a happy and affectionate breed that is a good choice for a multi-dog household, but you will need to keep an eye on them if there are small children. Sometimes they aren’t the most tolerant of little tykes. If you have people in and out of your home, it won’t bother this breed because they generally like people, which is why they aren’t a good choice to guard your home. 

They have a lot of bounce in their step and will play with you as long as you want. And they don’t mind at all if you don’t stick to a strict schedule. Make sure you keep them busy because they need to keep physically and mentally busy.

Larger dogs that add zest to life

If you’re of the mindset that bigger is better when it comes to your exercise buddy, then a big dog is best! If you want a big buddy for romping around the great outdoors, here are five doggos that might fit your needs:

7. Dalmatian

A Dalmation tired from playtime

Dalmations are a good choice if you are looking for a busy dog. They grow to 50-60 cm and can weigh up to 35 kg. They are good with family, and most do well with kids and other dogs. You can expect a lot of puppy kisses from them because they are very affectionate dogs. They love playing games, and if you want to show off your doggo’s intelligence, they are easy to train. They are good with newcomers but are fiercely protective of their family. Make sure that you keep yours busy–they need constant activity and mental stimulation.

8. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever running excitedly in a field

If you are looking for a dog that is great with the family, kids, and other dogs, look no further than Golden Retrievers. They are very active dogs, love to play and are chock full of energy. They are good with strangers, so you don’t have to worry about your doggo barking or nipping at new people, and they are moderately good as watch dogs. They can work with uncertain schedules and they are easier to train than most breeds. If you like a quiet dog, they don’t bark much, but like all energetic dogs, you need to keep your lab busy and intellectually stimulated.

9. Irish Setter

Irish Setter in puppy posture ready to play

These dogs are happy and loving–for family, kids and other dogs. They don’t make the best guard dogs because they get along so well with people. They love to play so get ready for tug-of-war and fetch. They don’t need a set schedule, so if yours is a little unpredictable, they won’t mind. They learn new tricks well and are pretty easy to train. Make sure you have plenty of energy because these big lovable dogs love to stay busy with their forever family.

10. Labrador Retriever

Chocolate Labrador Retriever with a Frisbee in her mouth

These big, sweet babies will never lack affection for you and your family. They love playing with you, kids and other doggos. They are moderately good as guard dogs and can adapt to new schedules with ease. They do bark, but not excessively, and they are ready to be taught how to behave and any tricks that you care to teach them. They are full of energy, so get ready to take your furry friend for a nice run, or better yet, for a long swim.

11. Poodle

A Poodle mid-air jumping with its tongue out

The Standard Poodle will make a great addition to your home because they are affectionate and devoted to their people, especially children. But you need to do a meet and greet with any current dog because they might not want to share their family. They will love playing with anyone that comes into your home, but unlike many overly friendly dogs, they do make good watchdogs and will protect their family. They are easy to train and don’t demand a fixed schedule. They are bright and energetic, so they will do a great job keeping you actively slim and trim. Keep them physically and mentally happy, and you will have the doggo of your dreams.

12. Australian Shepherd

An Australian Shepherd in full run

This breed is good with family as well as other dogs, but if you have kids, think seriously about adding an Australian Shepherd because they are simply wonderful with children. They like to have a regular schedule, so they might not be what you are looking for if your schedule varies from day to day. They are fun and playful but do not make the best watchdogs. 

Australian Shepherds are very intelligent and learn how to behave and new tricks quickly. But be forewarned, they are very active, so they will have you out burning calories daily.

Get Moving with Your Next Best Fur-Friend!

Big, medium or small, there is an energetic dog to match your active life. From beagles to huskies, short fur to long hair, sociable to solitary, one of these doggos is sure to be what you are looking for in a forever friend. Can’t decide which? Sit down and list what you are wanting in a furry companion, then go back to the list and narrow it down. Then, let the search begin for a lifelong four-footed friend!

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