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Dog Food Brands to Buy Vs. Avoid

A variety of dog food brands to choose from

Pet stores and grocery stores have dozens of pet foods to choose from. They’re often from all over the globe, each touting a new flavor or dietary benefit, so it makes it difficult to choose a single one. As a paw-parent, you have to make an informed decision about what nutrition to provide your furry friend. 

One thing is for sure, not all food brands are created equally. You want food that is affordable, nutritionally beneficial, and that your doggo enjoys eating each day. We’re here to narrow it down and make your life easier.

Best Supermarket Dog Foods

Supermarket dog food shopping can be risky. If you’re going to brave the aisles, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of foods that you can take comfort in, and foods you’ll be thankful to avoid.

Signs Your Dog Needs Better Food

When your dog receives adequate nutrition, they have the energy to play and have an increased quality of life. It can be difficult to gauge how your doggo should behave, especially if they’ve been eating the same food their entire life. But there are tell-tale signs they’re not getting the nutrition that they need.

      • Lack of energy for their age & breed
      • Dull looking coat
      • Skin irritation
      • Noticeable ear issues
      • Hair is falling out or patchy
      • Loose stools or constipation
      • Gums are pale
      • Significant loss or gaining weight
      • Unusual behavioral issues
      • They won’t touch their food, even when hungry

Don’t delay getting your dog a new brand of food. Nutrition is a key ingredient to maintaining their health, and in turn, you’ll have a happier pup and reduced veterinarian visits. Whether you're considering buying a new dog food brand or switching from one to another, "A Beginner's Guide to Dry Dog Food Diet" can offer you some helpful tips to make a well-informed decision.

Dog looking down on their nutritionally safe kibble


Supermarket Dog Food Brands to Avoid

Strolling the aisles of the supermarket is never much fun. But searching each bag for the best ingredients for your dog is downright dreadful. Here’s a quick breakdown of foods that will make your weekly grocery run much easier.

1. MyDog Dog Food

Their dog food comes in wet and dry dog food. This is the kind of food you wouldn’t want to pick up, unless you’re desperate in a convenience store in the middle of the night. Even then, you’d be better off making your dog rice to tide them over till morning. MyDog food is crammed with preservatives, and doesn’t market where it’s made or what kind of meat “by-product” is in it. 

Out of the few ingredients listed, you’ll see everything you want to stay away from: 

      • Flavourings
      • Preservatives
      • Meat by-products
      • Cereal proteins/ cereal grain

This is one you won’t want to pick up.


OPTIMUM is an Australian-made dog food that says it supports joint health, healthy digestion, and strengthens the immune system through targeted ingredients. Their dog food looks like it achieves the kind of quality that you’re searching for. But in reality the first ingredients are “sorghum,” “corn” and “chicken digest” which are ingredients you don’t want to see on your pup ingredient list.

Do yourself a favor and don’t pick up a bag of this dog food. They advertise specific benefits, without listing the ingredients in prominent print. That’s a sure sign they’re hiding behind good advertising, instead of high-quality ingredients.

3. Chum

This dog food isn’t good for your pup. The first ingredients are “cereal and cereal by-products.” When the first few ingredients of your pet food aren’t meat and vegetables, then your dog is getting minimal amounts of meat and a bunch of filler ingredients. You don’t want to be purchasing food that touts chicken, but provides flavoring and preservatives. Your dog will end up hungry and nutritionally deprived throughout the day.

4. Baxters & Apollo

Apollo is a brand of dog food that falls under the company that Baxter’s dog food oversees. As such, their food is very similar and lacks the quality that your dog needs to thrive each day. Their ingredient list is chock-full of preservatives, flavourings, and by-products that are sure to make your doggo feel ill. 

Not only does their food not fulfill the nutritional requirements that your dog needs each day to have energy, but it also has chemicals that could harm your dog. Sodium Bisulphate and Potassium Chloride can give your furry friend stomach ulcers and burn their mouth. Trust us on this one, it’s a food brand you’ll want to steer clear of. 

Best Dog Food Brands


NOOD offers sustainably sourced meat that can be delivered right to your door, or found in your local Australian grocery store. Their food is made in Thailand, so that they can help support a global workforce. In addition to that, their food is made with whole ingredients, such as salmon, vegetables, and fruits to give your doggo the well-balanced diet that they desire. 

They only offer kibble, and no wet food. So if your dog is a picky eater, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

2. Nature’s Gift

Nature’s Gift provides the option of dry, wet, and chilled dog food! They use real-Australian meat and it’s made in Australia. Their food is also marketed as artificial and additive-free. You can find their dog food in local grocery stores or online. 

It provides necessary vegetables and meat nutrients, which provide Omega-3’s for a healthy coat. The only thing to be wary of is “sucralose” on the label. If your dog is having trouble maintaining a healthy weight, you may want to opt for a food that doesn’t have sugar in the first five ingredients.

3. Petzyo

Petzyo Raw Royalty and Kibble That Counts is made for the kings and queens of your kingdown - your beloved pets. Don’t deny your pet Australian-made and fresh from the source ingredients that will make your mouth water as you pour it for your dog. It can’t get any easier than serving your dog food that has lean protein, veggies, fruits, and healthy fats to deliver your dog the coat and energy that will keep their tail-wagging.

While pet healthcare seemed difficult before, it’s now easier than ever to serve up a spectacular meal for your dog, with minimal effort. Fresh, affordable, and delicious food is just what your pooch has been begging for. Australian made dog food are hard to come by, so we’ve created locally made dog food a no-brainer.

Weimaraner happily running through field


Take Comfort in Quality Food

Now that your doggo is in the running for best-fed dog, you can relax with them on the couch knowing that you did everything you can to feed your pooch the best ingredients. Being a good paw-parent isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. Having less shedding around the house, a dog with a healthy amount of energy, and a smile you can’t wait to come home to is priceless. 

Don’t let cheap dog food brands dope you into thinking that’s the best you can get. At Petzyo, we know that quality and affordability can go hand-in-paw if you know what to search for. That's why we recommend choosing premium kibble over regular kibble for your furry friend.