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Is Premium Kibble Dog Food Better Than Regular Kibble?

premium vs regular dog food

No one wants to give their best friend anything less than the best, but as a doggy parent, choosing the right kibble dog food for your pooch can be overwhelming. From the quality of ingredients and their sources, to nutritional content and price, there are a few factors that go into choosing a good brand.

Unless you’re a vet or pet nutritionist, you’d be forgiven for not knowing the difference between premium kibble brands and regular supermarket brands—after all, are they really that different?

If you’re struggling to decide if it’s best to fork out for a premium kibble brand or keep your wallet happy with a stock-standard supermarket variety, this is what you need to know…

Regular VS Premium Kibble Dog Food

Premium labels typically cost more because they’re a better source of nutrients, they’re often grain-free and use all-natural ingredients. Most premium varieties also contain human-grade ingredients—while we would never suggest you try your pooch’s chow yourself, this is an indication of the superior quality of the ingredients used in the kibble.

Premium varieties should also be ‘complete and balanced’, which means they contain the right amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that your dog needs. Feeding your pooch a nutritionally balanced diet should aid digestion, while giving your dog more energy, a shinier coat, healthier skin and a reduced chance of illness.

On the other hand, many regular kibble varieties contain wheat and gluten fillers, corn syrup, soy and artificial colours and preservatives. Artificial preservatives are often added to prolong the shelf-life of the kibble, while the addition of sugars such as corn syrup and soy can be harmful to a dog's health. Many supermarket kibble brands also use meat by-products, which are often lower in quality and therefore, cheaper.

Keeping these points in mind, every doggy-parent would rather feed their pooch a premium kibble, however, cost is always an important factor. While buying premium kibble will cost more upfront, like any high-quality product, it’s likely to save you money over time. Here’s how:

  • The nutritional value per serving of premium kibble is denser, meaning you’ll generally need to feed your dog smaller portion sizes;
  • The cost-per-day of feeding a premium kibble versus a commercial, supermarket brand can work out to be significantly lower; and
  • Premium-quality food can help to keep your dog healthier, which often translates to fewer visits to the vet. 

Making the Better Choice for your Dog

premium dog food is a better choice hand feeding a dog

While premium kibble may cost more up-front, it can help to give your best friend a greater chance to live a long and healthy life—and no one can put a price on that. It's important to know which dog food brands to buy and which ones to avoid!

Now here’s the best bit… at Petzyo, we’ve developed a way for you to feed your pooch a premium-quality kibble without it costing the earth. Delivering our premium-quality, 100% natural, preservative free dog foods direct to your door means we don’t have to fork out for expensive retail overheads and can pass the savings on to you!