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11 Must-Know Hacks for Dog Owners

A dig wearing a bandana with lavender oil to stay calm

Dog parenthood can feel like a lot of work sometimes. However, if you work smarter instead of harder, you may find that giving your dog the best life can be a breeze. What tips and tricks did the Petzyo team have to share about how they save time, energy, and money while making the most of life with their dogs? Check out these life hacks for dog parents. They’re guaranteed to make life just a bit easier for you and your pupper:

#1 Go for a Hands-Free Walk with a Carabiner

If you’ve ever tried to text, answer a call, or simply keep your hands warm and snug in your pocket while on a walk, you know that it isn’t easy. The tugging and pulling on the lead can result in a dropped phone, a dropped call, or just a lot of frustration.

Save yourself the headache and attach your dog’s lead loop to a belt loop to go hands-free. An inexpensive carabiner is all you need. Then slip the lead handle through the carabiner and attach it to your belt loop.

#2 Protect Your Furniture from a Teething Puppy

a dog on a chewed up chair

Many puppies cannot help but chew. And this habit even extends into adulthood for some. To keep your dog from chewing on furniture, shoes, or other objects, give them a quick spray with an all-natural homemade deterrent. 

To make your chew deterrent:

  1. Mix 1 part apple cider or lemon juice with 2 parts water
  2. Put in a spray bottle
  3. Shake 
  4. Spray on object

#3 Cover That Dog Bed without Busting the Bank

Vets recommend washing your dog’s bed on a regular basis. This prevents bacteria from building up and can reduce that unpleasant dog odour. However, many dog beds, even those with removable covers can be a pain to keep clean. We recommend saving time and energy by covering your dog’s bed with a pillowcase. Keep another on hand, so you can swap them out when laundry day rolls around.

Pillowcases dry fast, are less expensive than replacing a dog bed, and they’re easy to take on and off.

#4 Keep Your Dog Entertained with a Muffin Tin

a muffin tin

Puzzle toys are an excellent way to provide your dog mental enrichment. However, they can be costly. If you have a muffin tin lying around, put it to use for your dog. Simply put a treat in each muffin spot and put a tennis ball over the treat. Your dog will love having to lift the balls and place them to the side in order to reap their reward.

#5 Maintain Fur-Free Furniture

We all love our dogs. However, very few dog pawrents love that their dogs shed. If your rugs, furniture, or favourite black coat wind up covered in fur, keep some rubber gloves on hand (pun intended). The sticky nature of gloves is ideal for keeping your furniture fur-free with a quick swipe of the palm. This trick works wonders for a quick clean-up before you have guests over!

#6 Pasta & Peanut Butter–Just What the Vet Ordered

Convincing your dog to swallow a pill can be a tough order at times. If your dog needs to swallow medication that is less-than-palatable, try hiding it in a piece of penne filled with peanut butter. Penne is naturally a great shape for pills and makes the perfect vehicle for your dog’s favourite ingredient.

If you plan ahead, you can even freeze a few of these to make them even more fun and less conspicuous to your doggo.

#7 Aroma Therapy for Calming Your Dog

A dog wearing an orange bandana

Lavender is a calming scent for people and puppers alike. If you have a nervous doggo, try pupping a few drops of lavender essential oils on a bandana and tying it around your dog’s neck. The lavender will help calm your dog while making them smell lovely.

#8 Recycle Your Old Socks into Squeak Toys

If you have a few socks that have lost heir matches or developed holes, give them a second life while brightening your dog’s day. Simply slide an empty water bottle into the sock and tie a knot at the opening. Your dog will love the crunching sensation of the bottle within and the familiar scent of their favourite person. Plus, you don’t have the shell out money on a toy that will just end up shredded. 

#9 Freshen Your Dog’s Breath & Dinner with Parsley

Fresh herbs are an excellent way to add flavour and extra nutrition to your dog’s diet. And some, like parsley, also have the added benefit of freshening your dog’s breath. Parsley has been used for centuries as a way to keep breath fresh, and it works on dogs, too.

Chlorophyll is the secret ingredient in this green that combats smelly dog breath. To encourage your dog to munch on parsley, slice it up and mix it in with their dinner.

#10 Keep Your Dog Cool & Cute

Bandanas may become man’s second-best best friend! Not only can you add lavender to a bandana to help your dog feel a bit more relaxed, but a damp bandana is a great way to keep them cool on hot days. For those days with record-high temperatures, try getting the bandana wet, wringing it out, and then freezing it. A cool bandana is an excellent way to help your chill out, even on the hottest days of the year.

#11 Keep Your Dog Off the Furniture with Foil

A dog on the sofa

If you have a “no dogs on the sofa” rule, but your fuzzy best friend always sneaks onto the furniture while you’re away, try putting a layer of foil down. Not only does the sound tend to deter canines, but the texture is less-than-cozy for dogs looking for a comfy place to relax while their owners are away.

Give into These Dog-Gone Awesome Life Hacks

We hope these hacks for dog owners make your life just a bit easier. We know that we had a  blast trying them out and truly found many to be lifesavers when it came to simplifying dog chores…. And if you have any dog owner hacks you can’t live without, we hope you’ll share them with us on Instagram.