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Dog Leads & Leashes

Dog Leads & Leashes

Give your dog a new lead on life! A fashionable, quality dog lead will give your pup a little extra wag in their walk. Your dog's lead is a tool to keep them safe on one of the most important activities in your dog’s life: walks! The high-quality selection of dog leads Petzyo offers includes strong and attractive leads to protect your dog and allow you to show off your dog’s pawsonality.

Why does your dog’s lead matter? Dogs love walks, and investing in the most important tool for those outings is worth its weight in wags. Walks are an excellent way for dogs to stay in shape, burn off extra calories and energy, stay social, and get a dose of fresh air and mental stimulation. Plus, they’re one of the most impawtant ways doggo pawrents can bond with their best buddies. It’s no wonder most dog parents take their dogs on walks every day. 

Additionally, investing in a lead for dog that lasts saves you money in the long run. A quality lead can also reduce strain on your hands, shoulders, and arms while protecting your pet’s neck.

When choosing the top-of-the-line dog leash, consider their personality along with the length and material so that you get the one that is most appropriate for your best friend. 

Once you’ve decided on a lead that is worthy of your dog, add it to your cart, and we will ship it out with your dog’s Petzyo’s dog food.

Purchase Petzyo’s Leads for Dogs

Life’s too short for boring, uncomfortable pet leads. In this selection, you will find pretty leads, funky leads, sophisticated leads, and leads that guarantee tail wags as soon as your dog sees them. Whether you’re looking for a fun pattern or padded hand-loop, we know you will find the ideal choice for your pup, here, at Petzyo.

How can we feel so certain that you will love the leads we offer? We select only the premium brands and products because Petzyo pups and their pawrents deserve the best. You will find brands that care as much about dogs as we do. From Fuzzyard, Rufus & Coco, and Dogue, we trust these reputable brands to uphold the same quality you would expect from Petzyo. 

Dog Leash: Length & Material

One lead does not fit all. The lead that you choose for your forever friend should be based on your needs, your doggo, and the activities that you share.


We recommend longer leads for dogs that are well-lead-trained. While your doggo learns leash etiquette, you will want to keep your dog at a slightly shorter lead to be able to control their movements more easily. 


When it comes to lead materials, opt for a lead with a high-quality, rust-free latch or clip. Because your doggo’s lead is likely to get wet at some point, you want to invest in a lead that will last without locking up due to rust.

Padded leads work well for dogs that are learning how to walk on a lead and have a slight tendency to pull. The extra padded will keep your hand and wrist a bit more comfortable. These leads tend to take a bit longer to dry should they get wet, so you may one to keep an extra on-hand if your doggo loves to swim or walk in the rain.

Leather leads repel water and offer a secure hold on your doggo. 

Choose the right lead for your dog

Unsure of what lead length and lead material are appropriate for your pup? Dogs still learning leash manners often benefit from shorter lengths. As your dog becomes a lead-walking like a pro, a long dog lead will give them more freedom on walks. 

Smaller breeds do well with thinner leads, while thicker leads provide a bit more control for medium and large dog breeds. Padded leads are an excellent way to cushion your grip and make walks more comfortable. 

Puppy Leads

Puppies aren’t born with the knowledge of collars and leads, but before they are very old, you need to start working with them. Start with a lightweight collar and lead, and just let your puppy wander around the house, getting used to the weight. 

Make sure the collar isn’t too tight–you should be able to easily slip a finger between the collar and your puppy’s neck. Remember to check the tightness of your puppy’s collar every few days since puppies tend to grow very fast.

When you go for walks, puppies do well on a short dog lead. The shorter length allows you to keep your pup close to you and helps you more effectively teach them to lead etiquette.

Adult Dog Leads

The length of lead depends on your doggo and the activities you participate in. Most leads are between 1.2 meters and 2 meters, with 1.8 metres being the most common. Just make sure that it is sturdy enough to restrain your doggo if they get excited by a passing bird or pushbike and decide to give chase.

Small Dog Leads

Most small dogs prefer leads that are a little longer, up to 2 metres. It gives them a little more freedom to explore, which they like. Just make sure that it is lightweight and doesn’t get tangled as you walk. Retractable dog leads work well with small dogs, so you might consider one of those.

Dog leads for different purposes (training, walking, hiking)

There are a wide variety of leads for a variety of purposes. There are long dog training leads that are used to train your doggo to come, fetch and retrieve. They can also be used when training dogs to hunt. Care to take your doggo on the run with you? There are hands-free leads that attach to your waist. There are heavy-duty leads designed for hiking rugged trails with your best friend as well.

Petzyo’s Selection of High-Quality Dog Leads & Leashes

At Petzyo, we carry a wide variety of leads and styles for your puppy as well as leads for big, medium, and small dogs. They are all strong and made to last. Additionally, we know your doggo is one-of-a-kind, so we stock a variety of styles, so you are sure to find one that reflects your doggo’s personality pawfectly.

As you browse through our leads, you’ll notice leads in bright colours, fun patterns, and sleek materials. Every lead on our site is crafted from quality materials that will connect you securely to your forever friend every time you venture out into the world. They are easy to clean and should last through constant use as well as a wide array of weather conditions.

When you decide what will work best for you and your doggo, browse through our selection of leads until you find the one that is the right length, strength and design. You and your furever friend will be the envy of all as you go for walks with your new lead.

Be sure to check out our dog collars to go along with your lead!


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