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Brand Spotlight: Troopets- Pet Care Range

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Here at Petzyo, we love to suppawt like-minded local businesses in the pet space. 

Troopets is one of the newest brands in our add-to-box range. They are an Australian small business with a unique, all-natural pet care range. They are Aussie made, using 100% pure essential oils with no petro-chemicals or synthetic fragrances (and of course not tested on animals).

The pet care range includes three different scents of shampoo, conditioner and soap- they're not just scents, as they all have different functions too. The most intriguing part of the range is that both doggos and humans can use the products! The Petzyo team can confirm that we've used Troopets on our locks and loved the results!

After that stellar shower, we had a chat with one of the founders of Troopets, Sophy, to find out a little bit more about the brand and what they do.

What is Troopets and who is behind the brand?

Troopets is an Australian brand that focuses on providing our fur babies human-grade products and lifestyles. Max and I are the founders of the business, and we believe that our pets deserve a premium lifestyle just like us humans. We're not only passionate about the quality of our products, but we also value the overall aesthetics to fit into a modern, stylish lifestyle. We use natural ingredients with 100% pure essential oils throughout our pet care range to gently take care of our pets’ skin and fur. And who wouldn't want something that smells and looks pawfectly delicious at the same time?

If Troopets were a dog, what breed would it be and why? 

Afghan hound popped up when I saw this question! Afghan hounds are elegant, gentle, nice and clean all the time, affectionate with family but not overly relying on anyone – they really have their own choice of lifestyle, just like our brand!

Why did you start the business? 

I’ve been into natural skincare and aromatherapy for humans for a few years and Max has been in the pet industry for over 15 years. He couldn’t find many options out there that took care of his pet the way he wanted. That was when we decided to work together to develop Troopets.

What have been the most challenging and most rewarding things about starting Troopets? 

We found it challenging to educate everyone on the real benefits of natural essential oils and how it would work on skin and fur. But over the years, we noticed that people are becoming more aware and are embracing it for themselves and now their pets! The most rewarding thing is to hear that fur babies are enjoying our products during and after a bath- it's like doggy aromatherapy!

If you had to choose, what is your favourite product that you stock and why?

My personal favourite is the lemon myrtle shampoo & conditioner – I use it to wash my hair all the time! It smells so refreshing and keeps my hair soft and clean for almost a whole week. Most importantly though, it helps to keep my curls lol!

We've got to ask the inevitable question- how has COVID-19 affected your business? 

It hasn't affected us so much with the continuous orders online and from our international distributors. We did notice that some of our stockists located in Victoria have been affected a bit. However, it’s been much better for everyone since the re-opening of pet grooming services!

Anything exciting coming up? 

Yes! We’ve been working on an exciting new product that will be launching in 2021. Stay tuned!

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Check out the range and add some items to your next order!