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7 Best Dog Breeds to Run With

A woman running with her dog

Since dogs are man’s, and woman’s, best friends, it doesn’t seem quite right to leave your bestie at home when you want to go for a run. You can bet that your doggo would give about anything to go running with you.

However, not every dog can be a great running companion. Some dogs, while not ideal, can run with you regularly. But if you want to run with the best, here are 7 breeds that can make a great trail buddy.

Before You Go Running with a Dog

You need to know a few things before you start taking your forever friend out for a run.

  1. Check with your vet to make sure that your dog is in good enough shape to run with you.
  2. Your dog shouldn't be too young because excessive running can damage their bones.
  3. Spend time working with them to make sure that they are good on a lead.
  4. Warm up first because dogs, just like you, can strain and pull muscles.
  5. Start your runs slowly and give your dog time to adjust.
  6. Make sure that they run by your side with the lead loose so you aren’t tripping over them.
  7. Avoid pavement because it can damage the skin on their paws.
  8. Dogs can overheat easily, so avoid running when it is too hot.
  9. Carry water and a dish so that they can stay hydrated.
  10. Don’t feed them before you run.
  11. Plan ahead for poo and potty breaks.

Here Are 7 Breeds That Are Born to Run

1. Dalmatian

Larger, good endurance, better suited for trails, not pavement

Dalmations are great family dogs that were bred to run alongside horse-drawn vehicles like coaches and fire engines. They can run along with you without tiring. They love their humans and will feel sad if you decide to go running without them. What could be better than running trails with your Dalmatian trotting by your side?

2. English Springer Spaniel

Smaller, long or short runs, full of energy

English Springer Spaniels are both bright and energetic. Bred for bird hunting, they love their people as well as other dogs. They love being outside with their people and it won’t take much work to get them trotting dependably by your side as you hit the trails. They love to play, so you might want to keep a ball or frisbee handy for a little game of fetch when you finish your run.

3. German Shorthaired Pointer

Fast with good endurance, loves running with their human

If you decided on a German Shorthaired Pointer, you made a great choice. Great with people, especially the wee ones, very bright and jam-packed full of energy. These bright dogs will quickly learn to run with you. They were bred to spend long days hunting, so you can bet that they won’t run out of fuel before you do. These active and agile dogs are perfect running partners.

4. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Plenty of endurance, love to run all the time

While Ridgebacks can be strong-willed and independent they will follow their humans anywhere. Originally they were bred to hunt lions–tracking not killing, so you can bet that they can run with the best. They have a great combination of speed and stamina, so you can bet that they will keep up with you. Just remember not to give in to those warm brown eyes because they can be a little stubborn at times.

5. Saluki

Fast but might not have the greatest endurance, good in warmer climates

Salukis might not be the most common breed, but this slim, trim breed is an excellent runner. They are good family dogs and are very loyal to their people. One of the oldest breeds, they are simply built to run. With their graceful, effortless gait, they seem to flow across the ground. Just remember not to drop your lead because if they bolt, you will have a hard time catching them.

6. Visla

Medium-sized, good speed and endurance, good in hotter climates

This breed is a little smaller than most of the breeds listed here but makes a great run buddy. Friendly and energetic, bright and playful. It will take a lot of running before their engine runs out of gas. They are bright and will learn to run with you quickly. They won’t like it when you try to run without them. If you do, be prepared for a long play session when you get home. They will teach you not to leave them at home next time.

7. Weimaraner

Larger, good endurance, bright, energetic

Once you see their distinctive coat, you will be able to recognize the breed easily. Also called the Grey Ghost, this breed has been hunting with their people for a long time. They love people, especially kids, learn quickly, and will happily run by your side as long as you want them to. Don’t be surprised when eyes follow you and your furry partner as you hit the trails. Not only are they beautiful, but they are agile and graceful. 

Take Your Pick of Any of These Dog Running Partners

Dog running with a man

Here are 7 great choices for a trail buddy. They are all bright, friendly dogs, easy to train and full of energy. Remember to work with your doggo to make sure that they are good on their lead before you go, take it easy at first until you adjust to each other, and then head out and enjoy your run!