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10 Dog Photography Tips for Professional-Quality Images

 Dog owner taking a photo of their dog


What proud dog pawrent doesn't like to show off photos of their dog? With a few tips, you can be taking photos of your doggo that you can be proud of. Our doh photography tips will help you capture your dog's pawsonality and create print-worthy photos you will cherish for years to come.


1. Time Is Important. Keep Sessions Short.

Dogs, like people, get bored, and lets be honest, they aren't reaping the benefits of uploading a new cute photo to their tinder account! So, keep your photo sessions as short as possible.  To do so, you will need to work quickly, and act fast when things are going well.

However, don't confuse quick with rushed. You also need to be patient as you wait for the right shot. When that happens, take as many shots as you can. 


2. Fast Shutters Can Be Best

If you can adjust the shutter speed on your camera, use the fastest that you can given the amount of light available. You will be very sad if you think that you have the best photo of your doggo that you have ever taken, only to find out that their movement is a blurry mess in the photo.


3. Get Outdoors for Natural Light

Dog photo outdoors with sun shining from behind


Use the sun to your advantage. Get outside with your dog, either in the morning or late afternoon because midday sun isn’t as flattering. Shoot with the sun shining over your shoulder, and you will be surprised at the depth and color it provides. 

Additionally, protect your dog's skin with pet-safe sunscreen during outdoor sessions to shield them from harmful UV rays.


4. Change Perspectives

A photo of a dog from eye level


If you are standing in front of your dog, taking shot after shot, they will all be from the same perspective–you looking down at your forever friend. Often the best shots are eye-level with your dog. However, getting some variety of angles gives you a lot of options.

Shoot some while laying down on the floor or kneeling. Taking a few from your dog's point of view can also provide a unique view of the world and your dog.

Variety of perspective can be the spice of the photographic world! 


5. Use a Squeaky Toy or a Treat to Get Their Attention

A dog reacting to a sqeauker for its photo


Treats and squeaky toys do a great job of grabbing your dog's focus (and some of the cutest expressions a dog owner can ask for!).

Simply squeeze your doggo’s favorite squeak toy and have your camera ready to go as soon as you do.

As for keeping your dog seated, treats work well. The 'sit' and 'stay' commands will keep your dog at a photograph-able distance and focused on you and the lens. Just don’t made them wait too long to receive the treat, and don't forget to reward them with tasty treats as soon as you get your shot.


6. Try Some Action Shots

German Shepherd diving into the snow for an action shot


You might want to start your session with some action shots to help your dog burn a little excess energy. Set your camera on burst mode, so it will shoot continuously. Some of the best action shots come from simply watching your dog be a dog. Letting your dog walk away then calling them back can also make a shot magical.

For some extra excitement, toss your doggo’s favorite toy. Take shots as they jump up and grab it out of the air, snatch it up and shake it, or maybe even grab it and toss it back up into the air.


7. Focus on Their Eyes

A black and white photo of a dog's eyes


One of the things that has always drawn people to dogs in the facial expression that dogs exhibit. And the eyes are the center of those expressions. As you are aiming your camera, watch your dog’s eyes as well as any other facial expressions. When you get that special look from your furry baby, start snapping away. With a bit of luck, you will end up with a great shot of your doggo that will melt your heart every time you look at it.


8. Document a Behaviour That Encapsulates Your Dog's Personality

A dog shaking off water for a fantastic photogrpah


Does your doggo frequently do something that you just think is the cutest ever? That’s something that you might want to catch on camera. For example, if they have a habit of tilting their head and raising an eyebrow, have them sit, and see if you can get a shot of that. Not only is it something that you find endearing, others will probably love the shot, too.


9. When Shooting Indoors Use a Black Background

A dog photographed with a black beackground


If you are shooting inside, situate your dog in front of a dark background. With fewer things behind your doggo, in the photo, your eye will be drawn to your furry pal–and isn’t that where you want other people to focus as well?


10. Have Fun!

A dog wearing a scarf and sunglasses


You can bet that your dog won’t complain about getting to spend quality time with their favorite human, especially if it involves toys and treats. A photoshoot will help deepen the bond between you and your four-footed pal along with giving you lasting images of your favourite pal. But remember to not take it too seriously. 


Say "Cheese!" 

Photographing your dog doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Vary locations, dress them in their favorite outfit, bribe them with tasty treats, and have a wonderful time with your furry pal! Show them to coworkers, email them to your family, print them so you can hang them on the wall. You will be creating lasting images of your forever friend that you can cherish the rest of your life.

Dont forget to tag #petzyo if you take a cute photo of your doggo as we would love to see!